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International Polar Bear Day!

International Polar Bear Day is on

Wednesday 27th February 2019


We invite you to join us in making it an extra-special day for polar bears by taking part in our THERMOSTAT CHALLENGE. It’s simple: by turning your heating down a little to burn less oil, you are reducing global warming and the polar bears ice homes won’t melt as fast.

Other things you can do:

  • Stop phantom power by unplugging electronic devices. You’ll save energy and reduce greenhouse-gas pollution. Here are some clues to help you recognise a product that draws power continuously:
  • it has a remote control;
  • it requires an external power supply;
  • it has a digital display, LED status light or digital clock;
  • it contains a battery or charger;
  • it has a soft-touch keypad.
  • Many people idle their vehicles when going through a drive-thru, picking up or dropping off passengers or warming up their engines before driving. For every two minutes an average vehicle idles, it burns the same amount of fuel it takes to drive one mile. By not idling, you’ll save fuel and reduce greenhouse-gas pollution.
  • By walking or cycling to school we can reduce carbon pollution and help polar bears at the same time.

PLUS: Try to:

  • Use energy saving light bulbs.
  • Take a shower instead of a bath.
  • Add insulation to reduce your energy consumption throughout the year and then you don’t need your central heating on as much.

Talk to your child about the challenges polar bears face in a changing Arctic and the part each of us can play in stopping global warming.

Thank you