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P1 Grow in Love



To help teachers, students and parents during this difficult time Veritas are granting free access to their Grow In Love online series. Simply login on the website with the following details:



Password: growinlove


NB: Some games may not work on tablets or phones. Thank you.


Say your morning prayer and your school prayer every morning.


Our School Prayer

Our Father who is in heaven,

and also in our school,

help us each day,

in our work and in our play

and our love will come shining through.



  • Log in to the Grow in Love website using the information above.
  • Click on Junior Infants/P1
  • Click on 'The Holy Family Lived in Nazareth'.
  • Click on the 'Quiet and Still' music.
  • Click on 'The Holy Family' and talk about the pictures.
  • Listen to the song 'When Jesus Was a Boy'. Try to learn it.
  • Click on the 'Reflective Music'
  • Click on 'Prayer Space'  at the top of the page and then light a little candle. 
  • Colour in the picture or draw your own.


Today, Sunday 10th January we celebrate the Baptism of Jesus. Jesus was baptised by one of his relatives named John. He was baptised in the river Jordan. The people who were baptised by John were looking forgiveness. John didn't want to baptise Jesus initially because He didn't need to be forgiven. (This links to our PDMU - chat to your family about the meaning of forgiveness). Talk to you family about your own baptism / Christening day. Was it like Jesus' baptism? Look at photographs of your special day when you received your name. I was christened 'Julie Ann'. Do you still have your Christening gown and candle? If it's not too much trouble, take them out to look at. Some families have a tradition of using the same Christening gown for all the new born babies in their family and extended family - does that happen in your family? After you've looked at your photos and items maybe you could draw a nice picture. 

Check out the links below. Thanks.



Ask an adult to log in to the GROW IN LOVE website. Click on 'Prayer Space' and then light a little candle. 


On Wednesday 6th January we will celebrate 'The Epiphany' or Old Christmas Day as some people call it. This is when the Three Wise Men or Magi visited Jesus. They brought Jesus very special presents - Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.  I've included a colouring page of the three kings below or maybe you would like to draw your own.