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Literacy 3


Check your target book for things you needed to work on over the last 8 months. Have you achieved these targets now?


  • Read your word books.
  • Read and write the following high frequency words on the word grid you got in your Homework pack: - see, mum, and, dad / Look.
  • On P1 homepage click on link to Collins Big Cat to access the reading books we use in school, free of charge. There are also lots of worksheets to use too.

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       Password: Parents20!


Remember to use 'Inference' when discussing books with an adult. Plus the adult helping you with your reading can use 'Guided Reading Questions: Level 1'  / 'Reading Strategies' in your Pupil Support Book.


REVISION: W.A.L.T. Recognise the difference between a letter, a word and a sentence plus recognise the difference between a line of writing and a sentence. Plus, can you retell your stories from start to finish in your own words? Ask an adult to focus on these skills when reading your books and library books. 



  • Sing your alphabet.
  • Cut up the dinosaur a-z pictures that you got in your Homework pack. Put the letters in order from a-z. Talk to an adult about the lower case letters and the capital letters.
  • On P1 homepage click on Useful Links to access 'Starfall' 'Letter Formation'  / 'Jolly Phonics' websites to reinforce ALL letter formation, letter sounds and words from a-z.
  • Use your finger to write the letters a-z in the air.
  • Use your finger to write the letters a-z on someones back.
  • If you have shaving foam at home, ask an adult to put it on the table and write all the letters from a-z in it - great fun!
  • When you go outside to play try to gather some small twigs, sticks, leaves / stones to make some letters. Take some photos!
  • Use your whiteboard to practise writing the alphabet from a-z. Say each letter name and the sound it makes as you write, e.g. a says ah.
  • If you have chalk, go outside and write the alphabet in order from a-z.
  • Look through your picture dictionary to find one picture for each letter / sound. 
  • Write a few simple sentences. Use any of these key words to write your sentences: This, Look, Here, is, a, I, can, see, mum, dad, and, It, in, if, of, on, me, at, as, am, an, all, sun, ant, ten, ink, pan / net. Remember to start each sentence with a capital letter, use finger spaces between each word and finish with a full stop. Read your sentences to an adult. Give yourself a star! 


BE CREATIVE - Make an Easter card / envelope

  • Talk about the format of a card. Think about these things: Who is the card for? What will you write on the outside of the card? What will you write on the inside of the card? What will you write on the envelope? What will you draw or stick on the card? What will you draw  or stick on the envelope?
  • Write an easter story - use The Easter word mat link below to help you. 



  • During Holy Week I always say the rhyme ‘Humpty Dumpty’. Do you know why? How about making your own Humpty Dumpty by decorating a real egg. Use a cuboid to pretend to be a wall. Take Humpty and his wall outside. Say the rhyme. Make sure to let Humpty fall! Talk about the outcome!