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Daily Challenges 5

14th June - Good morning boys and girls. It's Sunday again and it's the Feast of Corpus Christi, another important day in our religious calendar. If you took part in the Healthy Kidz Sports Day yesterday, I hope you had fun. Send in any photos if you have them! Have a lovely relaxing day everyone! heart
P.S. I made some duck nests and a dizzy duckling snack! wink

13th June - Good morning boys and girls.  Today, I challenge you to take part in the Healthy Kidz Virtual Sports Day at 2pm today! Have fun!  heart
P.S. Today is the feast of St. Anthony of Padua. I pray to him if I lose something! If you know someone named Anthony, say a wee prayer for them. smiley

12th June - Good morning boys and girls and a happy 5th birthday to Ava!smiley 
Our school Sports Day was due to take place today!sad I hope you are ready for the Healthy Kidz one tomorrow! wink

Miss McElroy has been very busy painting stones to go with the book ‘Everybody Worries’ They are amazing.smiley Well done Miss McElroy! yes If you haven’t read the book yet, I challenge you to read it today. It’s in our section Coronavirus stories for children 

If you have any worries boys and girls, remember to talk to your mum or dad. Maybe you could paint your own worry stone. I’ve added a little activity below if you wish to make a worry monster. Worry monsters read your worries and munch them up so you no longer need to worry about them! laugh
Have a good day everyone! heart

11th June - Good morning boys and girls. Today’s challenge is another drawing one. Remember I asked you to draw ‘Gregosaurus’ during our WAU dinosaur topic. Well, today I’d like you to draw with Rob again, only this time it’s a sheep! laugh See the link below. I’m going to draw one too! Enjoy! heart

Well done everyone! Super sheep! I only managed to draw one sheep! Welcome back Gregosaurus!

10th June - Good morning boys and girls. In our Numeracy this week we are revising prepositions. Have a go at this drawing challenge. You have to listen very carefully as the adult reads the instructions. Draw one thing at a time. If possible use an A4 page (portrait position). 


  1. Draw yourself in the middle of the page
  2. Draw a cloud high above you
  3. Draw a sun below the cloud
  4. Draw a dog next to you 
  5. Draw a tall tree beside the dog 
  6. Draw a caterpillar below you
  7. Draw a bird on the tree
  8. Colour in your picture. 
  9. Question: Where is the dog?

      Enjoy your day. heart

Well done everyone! I’m so impressed!

9th June -Good morning boys and girls. Today is ‘National Donald Duck Day’. When I was a child, my friends and I tried to imitate his voice-it was very difficult but we had great fun trying! Donald Duck is actually an American Pekin Duck. Today I challenge you (as part of our farm topic) to talk about the duck life cycles below. If you haven’t made anything for the ‘Bake off’ yet, why not try either of the recipes below. I’m going to try to do both before the end of the week. For the nests, I’m going to use Mars bars instead of syrup and Rice Krispies instead of Cornflakes! For the Dizzy Duckling Snack, instead of olives, I think I’ll use grapes!laugh  Have a good day. heart

8th June - Good morning boys and girls. Today is ‘World Oceans Day’. I challenge you to listen to the story of ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’ plus I’ve also added a link from the author of ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’ talking about why she decided to write the book. Enjoy. heart

7th June - Good morning boys and girls. It's Trinity Sunday today! Saint Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity. The shamrock is made up of three separate leaves that make one plant, just like the Holy Trinity with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit all making up one God. When I was training to become a teacher Sr. Margaret, a nun who taught me R.E. used a 'Twix' bar to explain the Holy Trinity. smiley I've added a link below for you to look at as well. Have a lovely Sunday everyone, whatever you decide to do, enjoy! heart

P.S. Answer to yesterday's challenge is 6! 2+1+3=6 laugh