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Our trip to Tannaghmore Gardens - Thursday 3rd March 2022.laugh

The weather was very kind to us - “what a beautiful day!” heart

International Polar Bear Day 27/02/2022

W.A.L.T. Share. We had to give each bear 2 cookies each. We counted in twos and then we ate them! Yummy!

W.A.L.T. Take on roles.

We changed our home corner into the “Three Bears” cottage! smiley

During role play we learn lots of things. It’s builds our confidence, communication, empathy, physical development and problem solving!

W.AL.T. Development our fine motor skills by using plasticine.

W.A.L.T. Work as a team. We had to design a cave to shelter our bear. It needed to have an entrance, walls and a roof to keep it sheltered from the weather. Look at our results!

W.A.L.T. Make the three bears cottage using 3D shapes and then retell the story!

W.A.L.T. Make dens for the three bears!