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Daily post from Miss Hoy

26th April - Good morning boys and girls. It’s Sunday! You have worked hard all week so it’s time to put your feet up and relax, especially your mums and dads! There are lots of relaxation techniques about. What do you do as a family to relax? I miss our Relax Kids sessions every morning! Have a relaxing day everyone! Enjoy. heart

25th April - Good morning- it’s Saturday again boys and girls! Does it feel like the weekend to you? laugh Time for a break from your home learning. Enjoy the weather and may today bring smiles, health and happiness to you and your family. Stay safe. heart

24th April - Good morning boys and girls. A great big THANK YOU for my very special birthday messages, including the one on the school app, they really brightened up my day. smiley Thinking of Mrs Reavey’s class today, who should have been performing at assembly. 

Today is National Skipping Day! I loved to skip when I was a child and sing the rhymes and songs to go along with them! We didn’t realise that we were exercising - it was all fun and games! Maybe the adults in your family could tell you about the skipping games they played as children. I challenge you to count how many skips you can do with a rope. If you don’t have a rope, count how many jumps you can do without stopping! I think I’ll take up skipping again! laugh

Have fun! heart

23rd April - Good morning boys and girls. Today is St. George’s Day. St. George is celebrated in England just like we celebrate St. Patrick in Ireland. That was the last celebration we had in school! sad I’ve added a few links below if you want to find out more about St. George. Do you know anyone called George or Georgia? Maybe you could say a wee prayer for them. 


Ps. When I went out for my walk yesterday I saw lots of beautiful wildflowers. I found some pink ones too! I’ve added them below. I wonder can you guess any of their names! Have a great day. Stay safeheart

22nd April - Good morning boys and girls! It’s Earth Day today. If we were in school we would be wearing Earth coloured clothes (green,  blue and brown),talking about pollution / climate change and carrying out some activities. You were very good at recycling and reusing items in our classroom- I hope you are doing the same at home. I’m going to go out for a nice walk today to appreciate nature in all its glory. I wonder how our P1 tree, the other trees and all the flowers in our school environment look now! Enjoy Earth day everyone.heart

21st April - Good morning boys and girls - it’s National Tea Day in the UK! There will probably be lots of virtual tea parties across the country!laugh I love a nice cup of tea-just a little milk and no sugar!smiley Who drinks tea in your house? What way do they take it? black? with milk? with sugar? There are lots of ways to take tea and different varieties of tea too. I’m going to make some scones today to go with my tea. 

One of the first books I bought when I was a child was called ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. I’ve added the story link below plus a few other ideas that you might like. Have a lovely day. heart

20th April - Good morning boys and girls! It’s National Look Alike Day, which celebrates those who look like another person. From time to time you’ve heard me call some of you by your mums or dads names-that’s because I think you look like them when they were your age! Over the years I’ve called lots of boys and girls by their siblings names too!  This even happened to me when I was at school-a teacher used to call me Maria - she’s my aunt! 

Maybe when you’re talking about this today you could look at old family photographs as well. I love doing that. Enjoy! heart

19th April - Good morning boys and girls. Today is the second Sunday of Easter and also the Feast of the Divine Mercy.  You are great at saying our school prayer. Maybe you could say an extra prayer of your choice for all healthcare professionals, patients and all key workers. 

Today is also Primrose Day in London. When you go out for a walk try to find some primroses. Enjoy your day. heart