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Daily notes from Miss Hoy

10th May - Good morning boys and girls. It’s the 5th Sunday of Easter. May God bless you with smiles, laughter, sunshine, mercy, kindness and peace. I hope you have a lovely relaxing day everyone. Enjoy. heart

9th May - Good morning boys and girls. I hope you are relaxing! I like to learn new skills and years ago I took up Tai chi as a form of relaxation and meditation. It’s actually a Chinese martial art! One of your friends in P1 does a Japenese martial art called Aikido. I hope you are still practicing at home R! smiley

Yoga is a form of exercise that I’d like to learn. I’ve included examples of Yoga for children below. I think I’ll try out some of the poses this weekend, maybe you could try some too! Enjoy! heart

8th May - Happy Bank Holiday Primary One! 

I hope all of you, have had a good week! It’s VE Day today. Do you miss your buddies? I’m sure you do. They celebrated Victory in Europe Day earlier in the school year and made a Big V! - check out their photos on the P6/7 class page. You’ll see yourselves as well on that page! Good memories! heart


Today I’d like you to take a break from home learning. What will you do? bake, play, sing, dance, walk, run, hop, skip and jump, or simply just chill out and relax! Whatever you decide, have fun, you deserve it! (See High Five, Issue 3  link above for other ideas). 

Enjoy your weekend everyone!heart

7th May - Good morning boys and girls and a happy 5th birthday to Emily!

I’ve added a little birthday challenge below for all of you to try. Keep smiling and stay safe everyone!smiley

Remember to clap for our carers and key workers at 8pm and look up into the sky to see the last of the three supermoons  of 2020.  It’s called the Flower Moon because colourful flowers appear at this time of year. Enjoy!heart

6th May - Good morning boys and girls. It’s Wednesday already! Yesterday when I went for my walk I decided to focus on leaves and took lots of photos. I even ordered a set of horse chestnut leaves! Can you name any of the leaves? Can you tell an adult how I ordered my set of leaves?

P.S. I made a few more nature pictures-I had lots of fun! laugh

Have a wonderful day everyone!heart

5th May - Good morning boys and girls. Happy Tuesday!  Did you go out for a walk yesterday? I carried out a nature walk activity after my walk and I think I’ll do a few more! You’ll see my picture on the Sustrans-Keep fit with Dave! section. yes


Today is Children’s Day in Japan. It is a day set aside to respect children’s personalities and to celebrate their happiness. I miss all your wee personalities but I’m glad to see all your happy faces in the photos and videos you send in-thank you. Have a good day everyone. I wish you health and happiness.smiley Celebrate! heart

4th May - Good morning boys and girls. It’s Monday again and it’s International Firefighters Day! Let us take a moment to think about these real life superheroes and how hard they work to help us and to keep us safe. smiley


It’s also Star Wars Day-May the 4th be with you! Enjoy! laugh

3rd May - Good morning boys and girls. Today is the fourth Sunday of Easter and it is also World Day of Prayer for Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious life.  Everyone has a vocation. Whatever God is calling you to do with your life is your vocation. You might get married or become a nun or priest or a doctor or nurse or a teacher or writer or whatever God wants you to do. When I was only four years old I wanted to be a teacher, that was my call. What do you think your vocation will be? Today I’d like you to say a wee prayer of thanks for Canon Powell, Fr McConville and Sr. Bernadette. 

P.S. It’s World Laughter Day too! Make someone laugh today! laugh

Have a lovely relaxing day everyone. heart