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Numeracy 5



DAILY – RMeasimaths


On Friday 1st May go to and click on the calendar to make your own calendar for May. 



I’m very impressed with the way you were connecting your learning P1. Pink clothes, bikes, pages, pigs, number 10’s. Well done! Looking forward to seeing more pink!


MENTAL MATHS – (remember to include 0 in your counting!)

Continue to reinforce skills already learning, i.e. rote counting forwards and backwards; counting forwards and backwards (in ones) from different starting points; adding 1 / adding 0 to numbers within 5, 10 / beyond. Remember to focus on the language ‘and’; ‘altogether makes’; ‘plus’; ‘1 more’; ‘equals’.


NEW FOCUS: W.A.L.T. Add 2 to different numbers within 5, 10 and beyond. 

Answer these questions: 

  • I have 1 dinosaur and my sister gives me 2 more. How many do I have now?
  • I have 2 packets of crisps and then I buy 2 more. How many packets do I have altogether?
  • I have 3 oranges and 2 apples. How many pieces of fruit have I?
  • CHALLENGE - Ask an adult to click on this game link: Cone Crazy click play and then click on Ice-cream cone number 2.
  • Play the game for 2 minutes exactly. Record your total score - be honest! Then every day for the next two weeks play the game for as long as you want. After two weeks, play the game again, asking an adult to time you for 2 minutes. Then check your new score against your initial score to see if you made an improvement. 


PRACTICAL – digit cards

    • Continue to reinforce the following practical activities: ordering all of your numbers forwards / backwards

      and ordering random numbers from smallest to biggest / biggest to smallest.


NUMBER FOCUS -W.A.L.T. Read and write numbers from 11-15.



    •    Use your finger to write the numbers 11-15 in the air.

    •    Use your finger to write the numbers 11-15 on someones back.

    •    Paint the numbers in order from 11-15

    •    If you have playdough make the numbers 11-15.

    •    Practise writing the numbers 11-15 on your whiteboard.

    •    Draw 11,12, 13, 14 / 15 items of your choice on your whiteboard.

    •    When you go outside to play try to gather some small twigs, sticks, leaves or stones to make the numbers


  •    Make sets of 11-15 items.


    •    Continue to use your Pupil Support Book to revise the names of 2D and 3D shapes / continue to look for

         them in your home. 

    •    How’s your homemade dinosaur coming on? How many 2D and 3D shapes have you used? Thanks to all those

         who've sent in their dinosaur photos. I'm very impressed!



    •    Continue to use 1p / £1. coins in pretend shopping activities. Buy one item at a time, no change.



    •    Continue to use your clock to reinforce o’clock and half past times. 


    •    Revise weighing items using your hands and scales. 


W.A.L.T. Use and understand the language of length.

LANGUAGE - ‘long’  ‘short’  ‘longer’  ‘shorter’ ‘longest’ ‘shortest’ ‘longer than’  ‘shorter than’ ‘tall’ ‘taller than’ ‘tallest’ ‘measure’ ‘length’ ‘same length’ ‘height’ ‘same height’.

Try the following:

  • In your home, who is taller than you? shorter than you? Put yourselves in order from shortest to tallest and then tallest to shortest.
  • Find items in your home that are taller than you / shorter than you.
  • Find three laces of different lengths. Put them in order from shortest to longest and then longest to shortest.
  • Find five pencils/pens. Put them in order from shortest to longest and then longest to shortest.
  • Find items that are the same length or the same height.
  • Use the cubes that you received in your homework pack to measure items. Example - how many cubes long is your hand? your little finger? your foot? your pencil?
  • Check out extra links below. Thanks.