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Primary 2&3


Below you can see an overview of what we will be learning. You can also view photos of our learning by clicking on the yellow stars below.


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January & February


This term we will:

  • Read and spell commonly used High Frequency Words (HFW)
  • Spell CVC words e.g., hat, box, sit etc.
  • Write sentences with finger spaces, full stops, capital letters, question marks and exclamation marks 
  • Hear, read and spell initial, final, and medial letter sounds in words
  • Begin our new genre of Non-Chronological Reports




This term we will:

  • Count in 1s,2s,5s and 10s
  • Recognise, read, and write numbers within 10/20/50/100
  • Make numbers using tens and units
  • add and subtract
  • pay exact amounts of money and give correct change
  • use everyday language to describe position, direction, and movement e.g., left, right, forwards, backwards (Beebot)
  • Introduce simply tallying for recording of data
  • Organise and discuss the recording of data in pictograms and simple block graphs
  • solve word problems based on our learning
  • Problem Solve using the ‘Find all possibilities’ skill


Personal Development and Mutual Understanding (PDMU)– We will be focusing on ‘Forgiveness’.


World Around Us (WAU)/Topic– We will begin our topic ‘Amazing Africa’.  We will learn where Africa is located, we will explore African culture including tribes and traditions.


Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities (TS&PC) We will be focusing on our 'Problem Solving and Decision Making’ skills.

  • We will memorise and recall experiences and stories
  • We will make observations and describe things
  • We will sequence and order events
  • We will sort
  • We will make predictions and see possibilities
  • We will give reasons and opinions
  • We will ask different types of questions.