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Primary 3/4 Flying Saucers

Look for a Pattern. We used our whiteboards to create different possibilities that a necklace could have. We all came up with different ideas.

Changing Shapes - We had great fun creating new things with lots of different shapes. We used: creativity, self-management and team-work to change and develop our ideas.


This half term we will be focusing on:

Literacy: Recount writing - beginning, middle, end, correct order, written in the past tense.

High Frequency words

Understanding what they read

Numeracy: Revision of simple Adding, Subtracting, use of strategies to solve questions, 2D Shape,

Problem Solving: Look for a pattern

Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities: Self-Management

PDMU - Friendship

Topic: All Change - Children will look at changes in history, local area, themselves and materials.

Our New Class

Our New Class 1