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Primary 3/4 Flying Saucers

Week beginning 22nd June

Last of Lockdown!




Our lives haven't been the same since March. You have all been doing what you can from home. You and your parents have been amazing. I would like you to think about some things that you have been grateful for during this period of lockdown. Write it down  on the sheet or in a book and illustrate it so that you can look back at it and see just what was important to you at this time in your life. There is always something to be thankful for.




Term 3 Week beginning 15th June

Term 3 Week beginning 8th June


Tin foil challenge!

Term 3 Week beginning 1st June

Thinking of our Holy Communion children

Especially for Primary 4

Term 3 Week beginning 25th May



Watch the rescue video. What an amazing job the RNLI do!

Can you find out where all the RNLI lifeboat stations are in Northern Ireland?


Term 3 Week 5 18th May

 Mental Health Awareness Week


Some ideas to keep your child feeling good about themselves. 

Be the best YOU can be :-) 


Use the worksheets to give you an idea of what you can do with your child and real money. They do not have to be printed. Play the linked games.


Last week you learned about Grace Darling and how famous she became because of how brave she was fighting the raging sea to save people in danger. Watch the video to recap. Today, we have the RNLI to help when things get dangerous. There is a video for this too.

Read and discuss the power-point with an adult. With help use the internet to find out lots of information about what it is and what it does. Record your information whatever way you would like.

  • poster with art
  • bullet points
  • typed
  • spider diagram


When P3/4 last did this topic we were very lucky to have the RNLI pay us a visit and show us all about their work. It was Rose and Clara's daddy and his friend. They taught us so much.

 Everyone who works for the RNLI is a volunteer - that means they don't get paid for what they do! We are so lucky to have people like that. Do you know any volunteers? What do they do?

Shape Poems


Our Poems

The story to go along with our castle

Our Castles - Keep safe in your castle at home! April 2020


School Closure

Each Monday this page will be updated with Literacy and Numeracy activities that you may like to try out at home or use as a basis to guide you. Take from these ideas anything you find useful. Remember it is more important to spend quality time with your child rather than worrying about how much work they should be covering. 

I understand not every family has access to a computer/laptop/iPad/or the internet so please feel free to share this information with other parents, if you think it would be helpful. There will be some linked worksheets, these do not need to be printed, children could write their answers onto a whiteboard, a page, their school book or alternatively parents could write them out for children if they feel this would be beneficial. Remember, children are all unique and working on different levels of work. Read the text to your child if it is too difficult. Discuss vocabulary with them. Ask them what they think. Please do not allow your child to become frustrated. This is all new to them too.

Spontaneous Creativity - The snow inspired us to be creative

January- February


This half term we will be focusing on:

Literacy: Non-Chronological Report writing - structure, layout, heading, sub-headings, paragraphs, diagrams,

High Frequency words - ongoing

Understanding what they read

Identifying speech marks, commas and apostrophes when reading

Numeracy: Mental Maths, ongoing simple addition subtraction, use of strategies to solve questions, 1/2, 1/4 of shapes and quantities, measure focus - time, money, cm, ml,

Problem Solving: using equipment

Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities: Managing Information

PDMU - Forgiveness/Love

Topic: Space the children will explore Planets in our Solar System, dwarf planets, astronauts, gravity, space facts, visit the Planetarium, research using I-pads and use their imagination to create.



Owl visit - Reading The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark inspired us to have a visit from a real owl.

Being Creative - Paired Owl Artwork

Look for a Pattern. We used our whiteboards to create different possibilities that a necklace could have. We all came up with different ideas.

Changing Shapes - We had great fun creating new things with lots of different shapes. We used: creativity, self-management and team-work to change and develop our ideas.


This half term we will be focusing on:

Literacy: Recount writing - beginning, middle, end, correct order, written in the past tense.

High Frequency words

Understanding what they read

Numeracy: Revision of simple Adding, Subtracting, use of strategies to solve questions, 2D Shape,

Problem Solving: Look for a pattern

Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities: Self-Management

PDMU - Friendship

Topic: All Change - Children will look at changes in history, local area, themselves and materials.

Our New Class