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1st-5th March

Monday 1st March - cross-curricular


Read and discuss powerpoint.

After, can your child explain why it is important to help workers in poorer countries?

Can they give you 3 reasons?


Explanation writing - complete over the week.  (Literacy/WAU)

Read and discuss the making of chocolate. Choose which way you would like to explain the process from the attached work or use it to create your own work in your book.

 Looking forward to seeing what you do.


This week we are going to look at weight and mass of objects.

Gather a collection of objects varying in weight. Let the children feel and compare them.

Talk about the language of weight. Look at the measurement of g, kg on the packet.

Discuss and complete appropriate groups work.

Tuesday 2nd March - Literacy


We are learning about suffixes.

A suffix is something that we add to the end

of a word that changes its meaning.

Read and discuss power-points, complete worksheet/s

Tuesday 2nd March - Numeracy

Wednesday 3rd March - Literacy

Continue suffixes

Wednesday 3rd March - Numeracy

Thursday 4th March - Literacy and Numeracy


World Book Day Activities

Read, Read, Read. Have a day enjoying books.

There are a few activities below if you wish to do any of them. You can make a book character from a potato or a toilet roll tube just for fun. You can dress up on Thursday and Friday for assembly if you wish and show your creations at assembly too. Looking forward to seeing all your photos!

Friday 5th March - Problem Solving

Make sure you cut the dominoes out correctly along the coloured lines.


Just for fun!