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Numeracy 9


Please remember, you do not need to print everything. The links are ideas. Lots of discussion is so important. Thanks. 

DAILY – RMeasimaths - well done on all your hard work!yes


MENTAL MATHS – (remember to include 0 in your counting!)

Continue to reinforce skills already learning, i.e. rote counting forwards and backwards; counting forwards (in ones) from different starting points , eg. Start at 2 and count up to 12 etc; counting backwards (in ones) from different starting points , eg. Start at 12 and count back to 1 etc; adding 1 / adding 0 / adding 2 to numbers within 5, 10 / beyond. Remember to focus on the language ‘and’; ‘altogether makes’; ‘plus’; ‘1 more’; ‘equals’.


Answer these questions on adding 0, 1 and 2

  • A mummy pig (sow) has 6 baby pigs (piglets). How many pigs are there altogether?
  • I have 4 horses and 2 foals. How many altogether?
  • There are 10 ducklings but no mummy duck in the pond. How many animals are in the pond?



  • Click on the link below, 'Subitising with dice'. Can you say each number without touch counting the dice patterns?
  • Below I’ve added some photos of ‘DOUBLES’ beyond 5. Can you answer them by looking at the patterns?

SUBTRACTION  - W.A.L.T. Take away 1

  • Adult to call these sums out and you answer as quickly as possibly. If you are unsure continue to use your yellow/red counters, cubes or whatever you prefer. You can also use your numberline to point to the number and jump back 1. Examples 1 take away 1. How many do you have now? Repeat for the following. 2 take away 1; 3 take away 1; 4 take away 1: 5 take away 1; 6 take away 1; 7 take away 1; 8 take away 1; 9 take away 1 / 10 take away 1. Can you go further than 10? 

PRACTICAL – digit cards

    • Continue to reinforce the following practical activities: ordering all of your numbers forwards / backwards and

      ordering random numbers from smallest to biggest / biggest to smallest.


NEW FOCUS: W.A.L.T. Use the words ‘more’ and ‘fewer’ to compare two sets of objects. Click on the links below.


Estimate means to have a guess. Remember to use the word ‘estimate’ when trying out the following activities. 

1. Estimate how many times you can write the word ‘went’ in 30 seconds. Have a sensible guess and write it down. Then an adult can time you writing the word for 30 seconds. When your time is up, count carefully how many times you have written the word ‘went’ and record the actual amount. 

2. Estimate how many of your classmates names you can say in 30 seconds. Remember to record your estimate and then write your actual total. 

3.Click on the link below to carry out some more activities.


  • Continue to use your Pupil Support Book to revise the names of 2D and 3D shapes / continue to use their names when you see them in your home / or environment. 
  • Check out the activities on 2D and 3D shapes below.


  • Click on the following link: 

      Click on One Coin, then focus on paying with 1p / 2p coins.


  • Look for 1p, 2p and 5p coins in your home. Which of these coins would you need to buy the following animal homes? Try to make the amounts using only 1p coins first and then with different coins. Stable 10p, pig sty 7p, barn 8p and pond 9p.


  • Revision - Use your clock to show an adult o’clock and half past times. Try out the following worksheets below.


  • Throughout your daily routines continue to make an effort to think about the language you use when carrying out your daily routines. When do you use the following language?  Long, short, longer, shorter, heavy, light, heavier, lighter, full, empty, half full, holds more, holds less? I’ve added one new challenge below.
FARM related activities below.