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15th-19th March

Week beginning 15th March

On Wednesday this week we will celebrate St. Patrick's Day. You have a day off home learning. smiley

Below there is a selection of work on St. Patrick if you would like learn a little bit about him.

Monday 15th March - Literacy



This week the children will be moving on to Instructional writing. Instructions are written for someone who needs to know how to do something.


How to write instructions:

  • Write in the present tense
  • Use imperative (bossy) verbs to start each step
  • Use time conjunctions for e.g. firstly, secondly, next, finally
  • Use clear descriptions


We are going to start off with using imperative (bossy) verbs first, then ordering instructions, and finally writing your own.

Monday 15th March - Literacy

Monday 15th March - Numeracy


We are going to be looking at the length of objects this week.

Maybe you can go outside and measure objects with items you have at home:- cars, string, lego, even your hands, etc. Make sure you don't leave any gaps!

What about learning how to use a measuring tape? Ask your helper to show you one.


Tuesday 16th March - Literacy

Choose which one you would like to do from the work below.

Tuesday 13th March - Numeracy



Thursday 18th/Friday 19th March - Literacy

Below are sheets on giving Alien instructions. Remember, the alien doesn't understand a lot so make sure your instructions have good detail so that he/she knows what to do. Maybe you could take a large page for the teeth brushing one and add the things you need, illustrations and step by step instructions? Have fun.

Thursday 18th March - Numeracy

Friday 19th March - Numeracy

Find all possibilities