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This month we are learning to:

  •  continue to identify the key features of ‘Non-chronological Reports
  • Write our own non-chronological reports making sure we have included key features
  • Check for grammatical sense and accuracy by re-reading own writing
  • Spell known high frequency words correctly in our writing, use our knowledge of sound to spell unfamiliar words.
  • Use capital letters and full stops appropriately. Develop and extend sentence structure.
  • revise nouns, verbs, actjectives.
  • look for apostrophes and how they are used
  • identify speech marks in our reading
  • comprehend what we read by asking and answering questons on texts



This half term we are learning to:

  • work on tartets as on MM homework
  • continue to work on the importance of ten
  • continue to explore wide range of language used for addition and subtraction - plus, increase, add, make bigger by, altogether makes, minus, subtract, take away, find the difference
  • connect number families  - make 4 calculations from these 3 numbers  16, 5, 21 etc
  • money - use different strategies to add money, 
  • learn about perimeter and area
  • identify 3D shapes and their properties
  • handle data related to WAU topic
  • Solve problems by using the strategy ‘Find all possibilities.’


World Around Us - Amazing Animals

This half term we are learning to:

  • Appreciate the beauty all creatues 
  • Classify animals into different groups - MRFAB and I
  • Mammals, Reptiles, Fish, Amphibians, Birda and Insects
  • Learn about classification, appearance, diet, habitat and babies
  • how animals are suited to their environment
  • endangered animals



This month we are learning to:

  • Forgive
  • How do we show forgiveness
  • Keep safe using our knowledge of internet safety


Thinking skills and personal capabilities


This month we are learning about ‘Problem Solving and Decision Making"


Some of the things we will be discussing/touching upon:

  • how to work with others
  • break problems into smaller steps
  • try again
  • choose how we are going about a task
  • what can I do?...
  • include everyone
  • respecting everyone's opinion