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Primary 3&4


Welcome back to a new school year.  I am really looking forward to working with all of the Primary 3 and 4 children!  We look forward to a happy, productive and exciting school year!

Below you can see an overview of what we will be learning. Photos of our time in school will be added throughout the year.


 * Please remember to put names on all items.


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This month we are learning to:

  •  Identify the key features of ‘Recounts’
  • Write our own recounts making sure we have included key features
  • Check for grammatical sense and accuracy by re-reading own writing
  • Spell known high frequency words correctly in our writing, use our knowledge of sound to spell unfamiliar words.
  • Use capital letters and full stops appropriately. Develop and extend sentence structure.
  • Identify nouns in our reading



This month we are learning to:

  • Revise counting forward and backward in 1s, 2s and 5s
  • Read/write/order numbers between 50/100/200 and beyond
  • Know numbers before, after and in between
  • Recall number bonds/doubles/near doubles
  • Identify most common 2D shapes and their properties and where they are evident in real contexts
  • Solve problems by using the strategy ‘Look for a pattern’


World Around Us - All Around Me

This September we are learning to:

  • Appreciate the beauty all around
  • Identify different types of trees and leaves
  • Know who helps us in our school/local community
  • Explore our school grounds ( connect to shape work)


This month we are learning to:

  • Define the term ‘friendship’
  • What makes a good friend/how to be a good friend
  • Have a sense of belonging
  • Keep safe using our knowledge of internet safety


Thinking skills and personal capabilities

This month we are learning to ‘Self-Manage’

Some of the things we will be discussing/touching upon:

  • Working by ourselves and with others
  • Taking responsibility for our own actions/ making good choices
  • Recognising and controlling our different emotions
  • Planning what we need to complete a task
  • Checking our work
  • Learning self-help strategies
  • Setting targets for ourselves
  • Evaluating our work