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This half term we are learning to:

  •  identify the key features of Explanation/Instructional texts
  • Write our own explanations making sure we have included key features - eg  frog, ladybird, butterfly life cycles, 
  • follow instructions/write instructions
  • use "bossy" verbs  - cut, put, turn, colour...
  • Check for grammatical sense and accuracy by re-reading own writing
  • Spell known high frequency words correctly in our writing, use our knowledge of sound to spell unfamiliar words.
  • Use capital letters and full stops appropriately. Develop and extend sentence structure.
  • make sentences super - add descriptive words, adverbs, detail
  • look for apostrophes and how they are used
  • identify speech marks in our reading
  • comprehend what we read by asking and answering questons on texts
  • identify and use onomatopeoia - CRASH, BANG, WHOOSH, HISS...



This half term we are learning to:

  • work on targets as on MM homework
  • continue to work on the importance of ten
  • repeated addition, groups of, sets of, lots of, mutiply, times
  • more less than
  • language of time - o clock, half past, quarter to, quarter past, in how many minutes will it be... , duration, later, earlier
  • revise area
  • revise 3D shapes and their properties
  • handle data related to WAU topic


World Around Us - Superheroes

This half term we are learning to:

  • Appreciate our uniqueness, special qualities
  • Celebrate International Women's Day
  • What makes a superhero?
  • Real life superheroes  - past/present
  • Superheroes in their lives
  • Science experiments - power



This month we are learning to:

  • recognise what being Trustworthy means
  • How do we gain Trust
  • Keep safe using our knowledge of internet safety
  • Us as Superheroes


Thinking skills and personal capabilities


This month we are learning about ‘Being Creative"


Some of the things we will be discussing/touching upon:



  • Suggesting ideas
  • How we can transform/improve our ideas
  • Enjoy the process of being creative, discussing how we learn from this
  • Working with others/self-management
  • We can use our imagination
  • We can find different ways of doing things
  • We know that other people can help us develop ideas
  • We can keep trying until we find the best way of doing things
  • We can alter plans if original ideas don’t work out
  • We know it’s ok to make mistakes