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Children’s wellbeing is of paramount importance. We at St. Colman’s Bann provide an environment and opportunities that encourage and enable them to lead healthy lives and make choices that support their wellbeing, with this in mind it is therefore something that is incorporated throughout the curriculum and evident in our school ethos. We aim to equip children with the necessary tools to feel happy, healthy and well. Wellbeing is not a standalone lesson but a lifelong journey.


One of our actions this year has been to collaborate with Healthy Kidz. Healthy Kidz began its journey as a coaching organisation, delivering fun and engaging physical activity sessions. The programme has expanded and evolved to offer more holistic development opportunities, focusing on physical development, health and wellbeing.


Using the App children can now access a range of engaging activities that will help children understand the importance of building sustainable, healthy habits in all areas of wellbeing. The children will have the opportunity to exhibit their positive behaviours outside of school by recording Nutrition and Healthy Habits on the Healthy Kidz App.This technology encourages children to make positive lifestyle choices and remain active outside of the school environment.