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Primary 3/4 Flying Saucers

Be Safe, Be Seen!

Superbat - we read a story called Superbat. He wanted to be a hero. Using our individual modelling clay we had great fun creating Superbat and the little mice he saved.




Literacy:  This month our genre focus is Recount.


The genre of Recount is a type of text that is used to inform or to tell about the past events or past activities. Recount Text is about something that has happened. It is written in past tense. It is written in chronological order. It should inform the reader of where, when, what, why and when something happened.


We will be focusing on helping the children develop their oral language, sentence structure, written independently or with help. (It is more important to have something to say and try to write rather than worrying have I got all the words spelled correctly.)



Numeracy:  This month we will be revising number identification, addition and subtraction within 10, 20 and 100. Using a number-line and 100 squares correctly. We will be looking at the structure of a day, days of the week, months of the year and ways of recording information.


Our first problem solving strategy will be ‘Drawing a Picture’. 


WAU:  Our first topic of the year is, "Superheroes." Real life and fictional.

Very fitting in current times!


PDMU:  Our PDMU word of the month is ‘Friendship’. We will be looking at the qualities of a good friend.


Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities: 

Our first focus of the year will be ‘Self-management’.

Organisation, working independently, hygiene routines, personal space, learning how to deal with conflict and waiting our turn.