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Activities to help your fine motor skills

  1. Play dough is a great way to develop your fine motor skills. From kneading and rolling to squishing and pinching – all of these motions help strengthen the little muscles in our hands.
  2. Dry-wipe markers is a great opportunity to practice proper pencil grip. Use laminated books or pages. Remember to start at the left side of the page and move to the right side, as that’s the way we write. 
  3. Painting. Different types of painting can help strengthen your child’s hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity.
  4. Playing With Sponges. Use a new, clean sponge, some water and two bowls. Fill one bowl with water and leave the other one empty. Ask your child to soak the sponge in the water and squeeze it into the empty bowl.
  5. Pasta / rice. Put a handful of uncooked pasta or rice into a bowl. Give your child a pair of plastic tweezers to lift one grain of rice or pasta shape at a time and put into an empty bowl. 
  6. Water play. Using a selection of cups, bowls, jugs, eyedroppers, syringes.
  7. Gardening and planting. Your child will use a pincer grip to pick up seeds to plant.
  8. Sensory freezer bag writing. Put some paint into a freezer bag and seal tightly. Place the bag on a table and smooth it out until it is flat. Ask your child to use their finger to practice writing numbers, letters, their name and drawing shapes.