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Mrs Reavey's project

Lesson 1

Fantastic Mr Fox

After reading an extract from the story, we highlighted all the important information we needed to include in our story map. In groups of three we drew what we imagined it would look like. It was great fun!

Lesson 2  

3D Story Mapping

We had an absolute ball making our story map for Fantastic Mr Fox outside in the sunshine using natural resources.

We split our class up into 2 groups. Everyone was amazing as they worked together discussing the layout, how to organise it and what to use. we hope you like our photos! smiley

Lesson 3


In pairs we used our Ipads to look up interesting facts on foxes. We really enjoyed this. Once we had all our facts the tricky part came next! We had to use Comic Life to make a poster displaying these facts. Our Head Boy and Girl showed our digital leaders how it worked and they then showed others. It took a bit longer to do, but it was well worth it! 

Lesson 4

Experimenting with clay

We had great fun squashing, rolling, bending, shaping clay. We played around with it first and then we began to create our foxes. Such creativity!

Lesson 5


Using our creativity we had to come up with a Fantasic Feast Menu for all the animals to choose from.

What would you like to order?! cheeky

Menu Design on Word