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Numeracy 4



DAILY RMeasimaths



  • Look for pink things in your home or your environment. On my walks I’ve seen lots of beautiful cherry blossoms! I love pink cherry blossoms, baby pink and pink oriental lilies – which pink colours do you like?
  • Experiment with paint to make different shades of pink – make a pink rainbow!


MENTAL MATHS – (remember to include 0 in your counting!)

  • Continue to reinforce skills already learning, i.e. rote counting forwards and backwards; counting forwards and backwards (in ones) from different starting points; adding 1 to numbers within 5, 10 / beyond. I have included an adding 1 mental maths challenge. An adult can call out the questions and you can write the answers on your whiteboard. This challenge focuses on the different language we would be using in class, e.g. ‘and’; ‘altogether makes’; ‘plus’; ‘1 more’; ‘equals’. Discuss the language before taking the challenge. 
  • NEW FOCUS: W.A.L.T. Add 0 to different numbers within 5, 10 and beyond. Here’s a little rhyme to help you. ‘Adding zero is easy, it’s like a little game. When you add zero, the answer stays the same!’ An adult can use the same language that’s on your Adding 1 challenge only this time use zero instead of one, example one and zero altogether makes? Two plus zero is? Etc.


PRACTICAL – digit cards

  • Continue to reinforce the following practical activities: ordering all of your numbers forwards / backwards and ordering random numbers from smallest to biggest / biggest to smallest.


NUMBER FOCUS -  Number 10


  • Use your finger to write the number 10 in the air.
  • Use your finger to write the number 10 on someones back.
  • If you have paint at home, ask an adult to put it on the table and write the number 10 in it. Write it backwards and take a print of it by pressing a page on top!
  • If you have playdough make the number 10.
  • Practise writing the number 10 on your whiteboard.
  • Draw 10 dinosaur eggs on your whiteboard.
  • When you go outside to play try to gather some small twigs, sticks, leaves or stones to make the number 10 and also make a set of 10 items, e.g. 1 twig, 2 sticks, 3 leaves and 4 stones – this sum will be 1+2+3+4=10. How many different sums about 10 can you make using natural materials?
  • Make a repeating pattern using ONLY 10 items, e.g. 1 twig, 1 stone, 1 twig, 1 stone etc; or 2 leaves, 2 stones, 2 leaves, 2 stones, etc. 
  • Use the cubes from your homework pack to make a tower of 10. 
  • Use your red/yellow counters / ten grid from your homework pack to make sets of 10  in different ways, e.g.10 red and 0 yellow, 9 red and 1 yellow, 8 red and 2 yellow, 7 red and 3 yellow, 6 red and 4 yellow, etc.
  • Try to write the sums that make up the number story for 10. E.g. 10+0=10, 9+1=10,  8+2=10, 7+3=10, 6+4=10, etc.
  • Try this game too.  




  • W.A.L.T. Weigh items using our hands and scales. 
  • Use your hands to find the answers to the following questions: Don’t worry if you haven’t got the following items, these are just examples - you can use what’s available around your home. Which weighs more?  One sock or one shoe? One teaspoon or one tablespoon?   Which weighs less? One bag of sugar or one teabag?  One carton of milk or one packet of crisps? 
  • Use scales to find the answers to the following questions: Which weighs more? One apple or one orange?   One biscuit or one sweet? Which weighs less? One tablespoon of sugar or one teabag? One cup of cereal or one cup of crisps?
  • LANGUAGE - ‘more’  ‘less’  ‘heavy’  ‘light’ ‘heavier than’  ‘lighter than’ ‘weighs more than’ ‘weighs less than’.



  • Use your Pupil Support Book to revise the names of 2D and 3D shapes / continue to look for them in your home. 
  • How’s your homemade dinosaur coming on? How many 2D and 3D shapes have you used? I’m still in the process of making mine – so far I’ve used 1 Cornflakes box, 2 Tropicano juice cartons (other cereals / juices are available!)laugh, 4 toilet roll tubes and 3 kitchen roll tubes. Can you tell an adult the correct names for these 3D shapes? Which 2D shapes do you think I’ll need? Can you guess which dinosaur I’m making?



  • Continue to use 1p / £1. coins in pretend shopping activities. Buy one item at a time, no change.



  • Continue to use your clock to reinforce o’clock and half past times. 


See extra links below. Thanks. 

Adding 1 mental maths challenge