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Hello again! from Miss Hoy

Sunday 29th March 2020.


Hello again to all our parents and guardians and a great big HI to all my P1 boys and girls!smiley

I hope you are all safe and well. Thanks again for all your photos and video clips. Miss McElroy and I are delighted to see your smiley faces and all the exciting things that you are getting up to. It’s a great way to stay connected. By the way, you all look so grown up! yes


I hope that you have established a daily routine now. Please remember to get lots of exercise, walk, play as much as possible, bake, sing, dance and continue to do your best with your school activities.

Because you worked so hard last week I have made you a little certificate! Hopefully an adult can download it for you and if it’s not possible to print, maybe take a screen shot on a tablet or Smartphone - you might even be able to write your name on it, with a writing tool! No pressure though.


This weeks activities continue to be set out in different sections and I’ve added extra web links for you to use, if you wish. I will continue to check in on a daily basis with a little note or reminder on our ‘Daily note from Miss Hoy’ section.  Please continue to check our WAU (World Around Us) section regarding our topic work on ‘Dinosaurs’  and our ‘Grow in Love’ section for religious activities. Plus, keep sending in your photos for our ‘Photos from home!’ section - This is my favourite part of our class page!heart


Spring has arrived and the weather is improving. I went for a little walk last week and saw lots of beautiful colourful rainbows. These made me smile, but your rainbow pictures just made my day - every day! Now, in different parts of the world children are going on a bear hunt!  They are putting their bears in their windows, so that other children can go on a bear hunt to find lots of bears. This reminded me of the fun we had making our bear hunt movie boys and girls. I watched it today again! I’ve decided to put one of my many bears in my window too! Say hi to Barnaby from me, I'm sure he has better things to do than sitting in a window!


Once again boys and girls, please take care and stay safe. Miss you lots and lots!


God bless.


Miss Hoy x