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Mrs Reavey's class

Homework 28th Sept - 2nd Oct


Your child has been placed in a group for Literacy and Numeracy.  Please complete corresponding homework into orange homework book. Remember you do not have to print off the sheet.

Spelling revision and mental maths have been ongoing in class. Your child will have these for homework next week too. (All groups subject to change as time goes on.)

All children should also be accessing Lexia and/or Accelerated Reading at home. They have a user name and password which has been sent home.

Any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school office and I will return your call.

Many thanks,

Mrs Reavey




Relaxation - do your yoga stretches before or after you learn. This will help you relax.

Numercy - Bright Sparks

Numeracy - Smarty Pants

Numeracy - Clever Clogs

Literacy - Muffins and Cookies

Literacy - Cupcakes and Brownies. Talk about nouns you can find around your house. Draw 10 into your homework book.


Homework 21st - 25th September


All groups

Talk about a time when you had to go to the dentist. With help or independently write about it using the correct language. You do not need to print the sheet out. You can write it straight into your book. Illustrate your work.



Mental Maths


Using the language of one more/one less

Give your child a number within





What is 1 more/ 1 less than this number?

All groups

Draw a picture

Draw a picture - we have been learning about drawing a picture to help solve a problem. Discuss what they would do to solve Rabbit burrow. Draw their ideas out.

Clever Clogs/Smarty Pants

Homework 14th-18th


PE - Tuesdays - wear suitable footwear. (Outside weather permitting.)


All groups.

With help or independently.Literacy - Recount - Weekend News

Print off sheet and stick into your homework book or record in your book 

What happened? Who were you with? Where was it? When was it?

Use time connecting words like, next, later,


P3/4 - counting sheet

Smarty Pants and Clever Clogs


MM counting

Continue to count forwards and backwards in 1s,2, 5, 10s according to ability.

Use 100 square to locate a given number. Find 1 more, one less.




Number problems Bright Sparks

Optional challenge work

Spelling Revision - Bright Sparks, Clever Clogs

Smarty Pants


Hello parents,


Each week homework tasks will be placed on this page. The children will have a homework book to record any written work into.  This will be sent home tomorrow. (Tuesday)


There will be sounds, spellings and mental maths to follow gradually as I get to know groups and abilities.



This week we are focusing on Recount writing. Ask your child to tell you something they have done lately.

What did they do? Who did they do it with? When was it? Where was it? Why did they do it or go there?

Your child may draw a picture and then write a sentence or paragraph about what they did. For those children just beginning to write you may write it for them or help them write it. Remember, a recount must be something that has happened, it should be written in the past tense. It will have a beginning, middle and an end. It must be in the correct order.



Mental Maths


Ask your child to count to forwards and backwards  in ones from numbers 0 to 20, 50 and 100 depending on their ability.

Can they count in twos? What if you start on any number? Can they continue forwards or backwards?