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Term 1

Happy Christmas everyone!

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We had a fantastic day at the MAC Theatre in Belfast. We went to see 'The Elves and the Shoemaker'.

Our Christmas Crib!

Sarah and Colleen from the USPCA talked to us about protecting animals.The Ulster Society Prevention Cruelty to Animals (USPCA) is the second oldest Animal Welfare Charity in the world.

Thank you Lord Assembly 2018.mp4

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The theme for this year's Anti-Bullying Week was RESPECT. Every class in the school took part in different activities. We discussed what a bully is, how we can be a good friend and how we can respect ourselves, our families, our teachers, our property and each other. We watched a short movie about Greta a big fish and the Coral Cuties who were not very nice to her but there was a happy ending! On Friday we had ‘Odd Socks' Day’ to show our support. We had a great week!

Happy Halloween from P1!

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Disco time!

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We helped Miss Hoy to carve a pumpkin. We connected our learning to Numeracy, WAU, R.E and Literacy by talking about colours, shapes, Halloween traditions and then we recounted the whole process!

At last, all 40 butterflies emerged! You can now watch the complete life-cycle. We had great fun releasing them!

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Friday 19th October - We now have 28 beautiful butterflies. Hopefully the remaining butterflies will emerge over the weekend so that we can release them on Monday!

MATHS WEEK ended with our bun sale. Our homework was to bake some buns. Happy faces all round! Check out the Gallery section of our website for more photos. Thanks.

MATHS WEEK! - We made fruit caterpillars - we used our new problem solving strategy to guess how many items we would need, then we made our caterpillars, checked our totals but we decided to eat them rather than improve on our guesses!

MATHS WEEK! - During P.E. we had a Penalty Kick Competition! The football was a sphere shape. We counted our goals and the winner got to carry the ball back to class!

MATHS WEEK! - we worked on symmetry, left / right, ordering numbers, making sets, weighing, counting and shape recognition!

All of the caterpillars apart from two had to be transferred to our butterfly pavillion. They have formed their chrysalids - we are counting down the days!

We discussed Anti-Bullying

One week old today!

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Storm 'Ali' arrived on Wednesday! When we went back to school on Thursday we walked around the school grounds to see the damage it caused. We found branches, leaves, twigs, apples and even some of our sunflowers had blown down! We collected some leaves, twigs and fallen apples to use during our Activity Based Learning. We used the sunflowers to 'Act out a Problem'-our new Numeracy Strategy. We ordered the sunflowers from shortest to tallest and then from tallest to shortest!

After we went home on Monday 17th September a special parcel arrived with very tiny, hungry caterpillars. We couldn't believe our eyes on Tuesday! 

Caterpillars - Day 1

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Please watch our video below. Thank you.

Let them be Little!

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We met our new buddies!