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Junior Newsdesk 10

Well done to Maedbh for commenting on 'A Day on the farm' on Junior Newsdesk last week! yessmiley

My butterflies have emerged! Remember when our school butterflies emerged? Good times!heart

This week I’d like you to try the following on Junior Newsdesk. It'll be revision for you!wink

Please use the MY SCHOOL log in details sent home in your target books. 

Go to Useful links 

    1    Click on P1-P7 My School Link.

    2    Enter your child's USERNAME.

    3    Enter your child's PASSWORD.

    4    Click on NEWSDESK.

    5    Click Go to Junior Newsdesk.

    6    Search for Butterflies.

    7   Watch the short video about the life cycle of a butterfly first. 

    8   Press play to listen and scroll down as the person is speaking.

    9   Make some butterfly art. Watch the second video to help you.

  10   Watch the animated story called 'Caterpillar Shoes'.

  11   Maybe the adult helping you could upload a photo of your art to the competition section.

  12   Ask an adult to help you to send a comment to Newsdesk as well.

Well done Orrin!