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Miss Hoy and Miss Byrne's project

Lesson 8: Wheelbarrow Course

We were invited back to Gilford for a range of activities this week. We ate our break together in the hall with our new friends and after that we divided into three groups. We took turns drawing, playing and making a wheelbarrow obstacle course in the assembly hall. We are looking forward to our Celebration Day in June!

Lesson 7: Scavenger Hunt


This week we were invited to Gilford P.S. for a Scavenger Hunt! We were so excited to go on a bus journey but most of all we were delighted to FINALLY meet our new friends from both Gilford P.S. and Milltown P.S. (much better than ZOOM! laugh). We ate our break together in the hall and after that divided into two groups - boys and girls. We took turns at exploring their amazing grounds and play resources and hunting for a selection of spring treasures including feathers, petals, leaves, buds and blossoms. A fantastic fun filled day! (we didn’t even mind the odd shower or too! wink).  We are looking forward to going back next week! smiley

Lesson 6: Water - Spring perfume


This week we made Spring Perfume! First we looked at a selection of different perfumes. We talked about their names, the bottles they were in, their colours and their smells. We also talked about smells we like and dislike.  After that we planned what equipment we would need to make our own perfume!  We went outdoors to collect some natural materials to add to our perfume. We found a selection of herbs and flowers including Mint, Rosemary, Lavender, daffodils, daisies, buttercups, apple blossom and berries. We also used some orange peel from our healthy break! We added blue food colouring to our water tray to make our perfume a nice colour. Finally, we made our perfume, labelled our bottles and recorded our ingredients. A busy day all round - lots of fun and wonderful smells! wink yes


Lesson 5: Music - Rainmakers

This week we made rainmakers. First we talked about the weather and then planned what equipment we would need. After that, we went outdoors to collect some natural materials to add to our creations. Next, we made our rainmakers using a selection of junk materials such as cardboard tubes, plastic cups, scrap pieces of fabric, old sticky back plastic and a selection of paper shapes. (We are good at reusing things! wink) We put rice, pasta, stones, twigs, sand and small paper balls inside and finally secured our rainmakers to make sure nothing fell out! We noticed that each of our rainmakers made different sounds depending on what we put inside them. We look forward to making some more music and maybe more rain will fall to help our flowers and plants to grow!  laugh

Our fifth Zoom!

Lesson 4 - Den/Shelter Construction

The children enjoyed watching Percy the Park Keeper- After the Storm. We decided that the animals needed shelter to protect themselves from the harsh weather conditions.We identified good spots for shelter building within our school grounds – up against a fence, between two shrubs, under a tree and using our play equipment.

The children then split into groups to make their shelters. We had a great afternoon!

Our fourth Zoom!

Lesson 3 - Messy Play Area

This week we talked about how plants grow.  The children became gardeners and planted a range of seeds, bulbs and flowers by following instructions. We discussed how to care for the flowers and used the water butt to water plants around our school. We are looking forward to watching our wildflowers grow.We even used some of the soil and water to paint pictures, it was fun!

Our third Zoom!

Lesson 2 - Suncatchers

This week we talked about suncatchers and decided to make our own. We made a plan of the equipment we would need and went on a nature walk to look for Spring items that we could add to our suncatchers. We made small Spring rainbows to show examples of the natural items that we wanted to use. We also looked at a variety of suncatchers and finally worked independently to make our own. We had a gallery session to show off our creativity! Our suncatchers are now placed on our classroom windows hoping to catch the sun! laugh



Our second Zoom!

Charlie inspired our Lego and K'nex flowers!

Lesson One - Garden Centre

This week the children have been busy creating our ‘Garden Centre’. To begin the boys and girls created a mind map of what they would like in the area. They then gathered the equipment needed. They took leaves, soil, flowers and some homegrown vegetables in from our outdoors. They created signs and painted beautiful bright tulips to decorate. The children worked very well as a team to create our new role-play area. We had lots of fun!

Our first Zoom! We were delighted to see our friends from Gilford P.S. and Milltown P.S.