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Numeracy 6



DAILY – RMeasimaths


Did you make your May calendar on Friday? If not go to and click on the calendar to make it. 



Lots of pink last week again - thank you!


MENTAL MATHS – (remember to include 0 in your counting!)

Continue to reinforce skills already learning, i.e. rote counting forwards and backwards; counting forwards and backwards (in ones) from different starting points; adding 1 / adding 0 / adding 2 to numbers within 5, 10 / beyond. Remember to focus on the language ‘and’; ‘altogether makes’; ‘plus’; ‘1 more’; ‘equals’.


Answer these questions on adding 2

  • I have 3 little pigs and my sister gives me 2 more. How many do I have now?
  • I have 4 bags of straw and then I buy 2 more. How many bags do I have altogether?
  • I have 5 sticks and I go out and gather 2 more. How many sticks have I now?
  • I built a tower with 6 bricks. Then I placed 2 more bricks on my tower. How many bricks tall is it now?
  • Continue to play: Cone Crazy for 2 minutes every day. Click play and then click on Ice-cream cone number 2.


PRACTICAL – digit cards

    • Continue to reinforce the following practical activities: ordering all of your numbers forwards / backwards and

      ordering random numbers from smallest to biggest / biggest to smallest.



NUMBER FOCUS -W.A.L.T. Make sets from 11-15.

Make sets from 11-15 using cubes, pencils, crayons, clothes pegs etc. 

Remember to do the following: 

1. Touch count each item as you set it out. 

2. To check that your total is correct, count each item again by moving it.

3. Subitise - say how many are in a set, without counting - do this with sets up to 6. Focus on dice patterns. Progress to 10 and then 15.

Remember that the size of the set is given by the last number in the count.



    • Continue to use your Pupil Support Book to revise the names of 2D and 3D shapes. 

Thanks to all those who've sent in their dinosaur photos. I can guess which shapes you used to make them. They are fantastic! Looking forward to seeing more dinosaurs this week.

  • 2D Shape - Our new topic is ‘The Farm’. I used some 2D shapes to make a little pig. Try to draw around some 2D shapes to make a farm animal of your choice? Check out the photos below. Can you name the 2D shapes?
  • 3D Shape - I looked around my home this week and found some 3D shapes. Check out the photos below. Can you name the 3D shapes?
  • Look around your home for some 2D and 3D shapes. Can you make sets? Which stack? Which roll?



  • Click on the link below.



  • Talk about why and how we should keep money safe.
  • Check out the extra links below. 



  • Continue to use your clock to reinforce o’clock and half past times. 
  • Talk about special times on the clock face, e.g. breakfast time, lunch time, play time, dinner time, bed time. Do you have set times for these during your daily routine? Can you recognise these times on your clock at home. Make these times on your school clock.



  • Revise weighing items using your hands and scales. 
  • Revise the language of length.


NEW FOCUS: W.A.L.T. Use and understand the language of capacity.

LANGUAGE - ‘pour’ ‘fill’ ‘more’ ‘less’ ‘full’ ‘empty’ ‘half full’ ‘half empty’ ‘nearly full’ ‘nearly empty’ ‘holds more’ ‘holds less’ ‘holds the same as’ ‘volume’ ‘measure’.

  • Look around your home for a selection of containers, e.g. lunch boxes, bottles, plastic cups, bowls, trays, buckets, etc. Choose one item. Find another item which holds more / holds less. Prove your choice is correct by filling one container and pouring it into the other. 
  • Choose one of your containers to make the following amounts: nearly empty, half full, nearly full, full, empty.
  • Check out extra links below. Thanks.


2D and 3D shapes