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Daily Challenges 3

31st May - Good morning boys and girls. Today is a special day. It is Pentecost Sunday. It  celebrates the descent of the Holy Spirit 50 days after Easter. I've included a link below for you to look at. Your challenge for today is to have fun in the sun - remember to wear sun cream, sunglasses and a sun hat!smiley Enjoy!heart

30th May - Good morning boys and girls. It’s Saturday! I’m thinking especially of our P4 children today who should have been receiving their First Holy Communion. I know that some of our P4 children have brothers, sisters, cousins and friends in P1. You and your families will be in my thoughts and prayers today when I watch Knock Mass at 12 noon. I will light a little candle for you too. I’ve also included a special prayer below, that people  say when watching or listening to mass.heart We are all looking forward to the day when you receive Jesus sacramentally P4 and it will be a wonderful celebration. Today P1, rather than a challenge, I’d like you to say one Hail Mary for our P4 children, their parents, families, teachers and Canon Powell. Have a lovely day. heart

Challenge photos-well done girls!

My answers to Friday’s challenge.

29th May - Good morning boys and girls. It’s Friday again! If we had been in school this morning we would be performing at assembly. P2/3 as well! I watched your last ‘I am Special’ assembly - You really are a special bunch of children!smiley Lovely memories! heart

Answers to yesterday’s challenge below. Did you guess the correct shapes? 

Today’s challenge is related to Literacy and WAU. 

Change the word ‘colt’ into the word ‘mare’ by changing one letter at a time in each section. Do any of your words rhyme? Good luck.heart

28th May - Good morning boys and girls. Answers to yesterday’s challenge:

a, an, and, ran, dad, gran, grand / granda. 


Today’s challenge is another Numeracy one. Look at the photo of the patterns below. What new shape will you make if you put the two orange ones together? the two red ones? the two blue ones? the two green ones? / the two yellow ones? Good luck. heart

27th May - Good morning boys and girls. Answers to yesterday’s challenge:

Single digit numbers: 0, 2, 4, 7


Double-digit numbers: 20, 22, 24, 27, 40, 42, 47, 70, 72, 74. 


Smallest to largest: 0, 2, 4, 7, 20, 22, 24, 27, 40, 42, 47, 70, 72, 74. 


Largest to smallest: 74, 72, 70, 47, 42, 40, 27, 24, 22, 20, 7, 4, 2, 0


Today’s challenge is a Literacy one. How many words can you make with the letters of the word ‘grandad’ without moving the letters around? I’ll give you one word: ‘an’. Good luck. heart

26th May – Good morning boys and girls. I hope you had a relaxing day yesterday. Did you make your bed?laugh

Today’s challenge is a Numeracy one. Our school phone number ends with 22074. How many single digits can you make? How many two-digit numbers can you make? Can you order all the numbers you make from smallest to largest and then largest to smallest? Good luck. heart

25th May - Good morning boys and girls, it’s Spring Bank Holiday! Today your challenge involves another life skill. Before you do anything else,  I challenge you to make your bed! Good luck!laugh Have a lovely day. heart

24th May - Good morning boys and girls. It's the 7th Sunday of Easter and it's also the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus into Heaven. See attached link. Sunday is a day of rest, so your challenge is to please rest up and enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend. Have fun!heart