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Literacy 12




  • Continue to read your word books. If you know them, please refer to your High Frequency words in your Pupil Support Booklet. Plus, check High Frequency word lists from week 6.


  • Read and write the following high frequency words on your writing board or in your Literacy book: - big, into, make did, time / but


  • Continue to read Oxford Owl Reading Books or Big Cat reading books.  On P1 homepage click on link to Collins Big Cat.

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         Password: Parents20!


  • Remember to use ‘Inference’ when discussing books with an adult. Plus, the adult helping you with your reading can use ‘Guided Reading Questions: Level 1’ / ‘Reading Strategies’ in your Pupil Support Book.


  • Revise the following: author, illustrator, front of the book, back of the book, title, blurb, spine. Continue to focus on recognising the difference between a letter, a word and a sentence plus recognising the difference between a line of writing and a sentence. How many capital letters can you find? Can you retell your stories from start to finish in your own words? Continue to read with expression.


  • Ask an adult to read ‘What the Ladybird Heard' story. (See youtube link below). Try to retell the story in your own words. Plus, check out our WAU section for a surprise from the author of the book! 
  •  In class we asked lots of questions. Try to think of some questions starting with these words: Where, When, What, Who and Why. Here are some examples – What did the robbers plan to steal?   Who heard them talk about their plan? Why did they need a map? etc.
  • What would have happened if the ladybird had stayed quiet. How would the farmer have felt? 
  • Talk about the rhyming words in the story, e.g. hog / dog. How many rhyming pairs can you find?
  • The author uses words to describe the robbers. The words begin with the same letters that their names begin with - Hefty Hugh / Lanky Len. Why did she choose those words? Can you think of a word to describe yourself - make sure it starts with the same letter as your Christian name. Write it down and draw a picture of yourself.    
  •  Try to think up your own sentences about the story using the word mat below. How many sentences can you write? Remember to start each sentence with a capital letter, use finger spaces between each word and finish with a full stop. Read your sentences to an adult. Maybe you could try the book review as well. Give yourself a star and put your thumbs up! I am so proud of you! Please continue to send in photos of your writing and drawings into school, they are wonderful!


  • Sing your alphabet.
  • On P1 homepage click on Useful Links to access ‘Starfall’ ‘Letter Formation’ / ‘Jolly Phonics’ websites to reinforce ALL letter formation, letter sounds and words from a-z. If you have the ‘Hairy Letters’ app remember to use it too.
  • Take out the sounds, words and pictures that you got in your homework pack. Continue to revise them. Over the week see how many you can match independently.
  • Revise the vowel sound – a, e, i, o / u.



  • Try to complete the sentence sheets below. Complete one sheet per day. Remember, you do not need to print them. Discuss pictures, read sentences and then choose the correct sentence for each picture.


Write the word you hear?

  •  Adult to call out the following words and you write them on your whiteboard or in your Literacy book: he, had, has, are, go, here, saw / said.


 Write the sentence you hear?

  •  Adult to call out the following sentence and you write it on your whiteboard or in your Literacy book. Remember to use your sounds to sound out the words: I have a set of ten pens. Try to draw the picture to match this sentence.



  • This week ask an adult to help you to read the instructions to make a ladybird. Maybe you could make your own ladybird. I’m going to make one too. I’m not going to print their template, I’ll try to draw my own – I’m sure you could do that too! If you are not able to make the ladybird, maybe you could draw one. Remember what I’m looking for, is for you to explain the process to your family. Enjoy!


  • Look at the picture below and answer the questions.