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Daily Tasks 2


  • Say one 'Hail Mary' every morning for you and your family.
  • Say your 'School Prayer' at 11am every morning for all who are working hard in our hospitals.
  • Say your 'Night Prayer' before you go to sleep.
  • Check your Lent Calendar of Kindness. 
  • Say the days of the week every morning and tell an adult which day it is.
  • Sing the alphabet.
  • Read - Collins Big Cat Reading books and your favourite library book.
  • RMeasimaths.
  • PLAY - INDOORS and OUT! Be creative! Looking forward to seeing more pics! An adult can also click on 'PLAY ACTIVITIES' or 'Upcycling Craft Ideas' links on our P1 Home page for some ideas. 
  • Continue to use Go Noodle or P.E. with Joe Wicks and maybe try the 'Healthy Kidz' Global Challenge!
  • Remember to eat your healthy break! 
  • Go for a walk. Did you find any rainbows?
  • Smell flowers. Do you know their names?
  • Listen to the birds. Can you recognise any particular bird song yet? How many birds can you count in one day?
  • Hug your family.
  • Be kind.
  • SMILE!smiley