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Daily Challenges 2

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 is a chance for the UK to focus on mental health.

This year's theme is kindness, with the week running from 18 - 24 May. Check out the links below. Thanks. 

Challenge photos. Well done everyone!

24th May - Good morning boys and girls. It's the 7th Sunday of Easter and it's also the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus into Heaven. See attached link. Sunday is a day of rest, so your challenge is to please rest up and enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend. Have fun!heart

23rd May - Good morning boys and girls, it’s Saturday!laughToday your challenge involves another life skill. I challenge you to learn your full name and home address off by heart. Good luck. Enjoy your day. heart

22nd May - Good morning boys and girls. Thanks again for your challenge photos and all of your nature walk entries, I am so impressed with your creativity.smileyWell done to our winner Kiera!yes

Today’s challenge is another PDMU one. I challenge you to make a list of things that you are looking forward to doing in the future, when it is safe to do so. Use the instructions below to help you. Enjoy. heart

21st May - Good morning boys and girls. Yesterday’s answers:

A: 1p +1p +1p +1p +1p coins 

B: 2p +1p +1p +1p coins

C: 2p +2p +1p coins 

D: 5p coin

Today’s challenge is related to PDMU. You were super at giving each other compliments. Today I challenge you to compliment yourself! Draw the best picture you can of yourself and around it write 3 things you like about you! Ask your family to compliment you as well. Enjoy. heart

20th May - Good morning boys and girls and a happy 5th birthday to Pj! Thanks again for your challenge photographs. Today’s challenge is another Numeracy one as well as a very important life skill involving money! 

A packet of Smarties costs 5p. How many different ways can you pay the exact amount for your Smarties using only the coins in the picture below? Good luck!heart

19th May - Good morning boys and girls. Well done on completing yesterday’s challenge. Here are the answers:

A:     fish


B:     duck      


C:    tree      


D:    tin      


Today’s challenge is a Numeracy one. Look at my shape picture below. Call out the answers to these questions:

  •  Firstly, what can you see? E.g. sky, grass, etc. 
  • How many circles?
  • How many triangles?
  • How many rectangles?
  • How many diamonds?
  • How many hexagons?
  • How many semicircles?
  • How many orange shapes?
  • How many yellow shapes?
  • How many blue shapes?
  • How many pink shapes?
  • How many purple shapes?
  • How many green shapes?
  • How many brown shapes?

Maybe you could make or draw your own shape picture or try out the shape game below. Have fun. heart


18th May - Good morning boys and girls. I hope you had a lovely relaxing day yesterday. Today’s challenge is a Literacy one based on rhyming words. 

 Take a look at the words below. Which word is the odd one out in each row - it does not rhyme with the others? 


A:     bat       cat         hat         fish


B:     log       duck       frog       dog 


C:    tree      can        pan        man


D:    hen      ten         tin        pen


Click the link below to take the rhyming word quiz. Have fun. heart

17th May - Good morning boys and girls it’s the 6th Sunday of Easter! Well done on all your hard work this week. Here are all the possible combinations from Saturday’s Challenge: 1p +1p, 1p +2p, 1p +5p, 1p +10p, 2p +5p, 2p +10p and 5p +10p.

Today your challenge is simply to relax and chill out. Maybe you could put on some nice relaxing music. Have a pleasant  Sunday everyone.heart