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Set 5

Set 5


Set 5 introduces seven graphemes (three of which are doubled letters), with 69 new decodable words suggested.

New "tricky" words: no, go and I.


h had, him, his, hot, hut, hop, hum, hit, hat, has, hack, hug

b but, big, back, bet, bad, bag, bed, bud, beg, bug, bun, bus, Ben, bat, bit, bucket, beckon, rabbit

f, ff of, if, off, fit, fin, fun, fig, fog, puff, huff, cuff, fan, fat

l, ll lap, let, leg, lot, lit, bell, fill, doll, tell, sell, Bill, Nell, dull, laptop

ss, ass, less, hiss, mass, mess, boss, fuss, hiss, pass, kiss, Tess, fusspot

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