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Numeracy 2



DAILY – RMeasimaths. Click on link on P1 home page.


MENTAL MATHS (remember to include 0 in your counting!)

  • Continue to rote counting forwards from 0-5 and 0-10, 0-20 / 0-30 and beyond.
  • Continue to rote count backwards from 30-0, 20-0,10-0.
  • Continue to add 1 to numbers within 5, 10, 15, 20 / beyond.
  • Count forwards (in ones) from different starting points within 10 / 20. E.g. start at 3 and count forwards to 9. Start at 12 and count backwards to 5. 



  • Continue to order random numbers from smallest to biggest / biggest to smallest.


NUMBER FOCUS: W.A.L.T. Recognise and write the number 9.

  • Go to Useful Links and click on ‘Topmarks’ Search for ‘The Story of 9’ and carry out  the following tasks:
  • Starter activity
  • Main session – part 1
  • Main session – part 2
  • Main session – part 3
  • Plenary 

There is a lesson pack that can be downloaded too. No need to print it. 



  • Use your finger to write the number 9 in the air.
  • Use your finger to write the number 9 on someones back.
  • If you have shaving foam at home, ask an adult to put it on the table and write the number 9 in it plus draw 9 items – your choice!
  • When you go outside to play try to gather some small twigs and sticks to make the number 9. 
  • Practise writing number 9’s on your whiteboard.
  • Use the other side of your whiteboard to draw 9 things e.g. dinosaurs, dinosaur eggs, volcanoes, queens. Colour 5 in and leave 4. Write the sum. 
  • Make number 9’s with playdough.
  • Use the cubes from your homework pack to make a tower of 9.
  • Use your red/yellow counters / ten grid from your homework pack to make sets of 9 in different ways, e.g. 9 red / 0 yellow; 8 red and 1 yellow; 7 red and 2 yellow, etc.
  • Write the sums that make up the story of 9. 9+0=9, 8+1=9, 7+2=9, etc. 



PROBLEM SOLVING STRATEGY - W.A.L.T. Solve problems by making a list or table.

Try the following:

  • Make a list of dinosaurs with two legs.
  • Make a list of dinosaurs with four legs.


Below are some links related to the number 9. No need to print the worksheets. Thank you.