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Literacy 7




  • Continue to read your word books. If you know them please refer to your High Frequency words in your Pupil Support Booklet. Plus, check High Frequency word lists from last week.


  • Read and write the following high frequency words on your writing board or in your Literacy book: - saw, said, out, for / They


  • Continue to read Oxford Owl Reading Books or Big Cat reading books.  On P1 homepage click on link to Collins Big Cat.

   Log-in details:


     Password: Parents20!


  • Remember to use ‘Inference’ when discussing books with an adult. Plus, the adult helping you with your reading can use ‘Guided Reading Questions: Level 1’ / ‘Reading Strategies’ in your Pupil Support Book.


  • Revise the following: author, illustrator, front of the book, back of the book, title, blurb, spine. Continue to focus on recognising the difference between a letter, a word and a sentence plus recognising the difference between a line of writing and a sentence. Can you find any words in your reading books or library books that begin with our new sound ‘wh’? How many capital letters can you find? Can you retell your stories from start to finish in your own words? Continue to read with expression.


  • Ask an adult to read 'The Little Red Hen' story. (See link below). This links to our new WAU topic on ‘The Farm’. 



  • Sing your alphabet.
  • On P1 homepage click on Useful Links to access ‘Starfall’ ‘Letter Formation’ / ‘Jolly Phonics’ websites to reinforce ALL letter formation, letter sounds and words from a-z. If you have the ‘Hairy Letters’ app remember to use it too.



Explain to your child that even though there are two letters, there is only one sound. When two letters make one sound, it is called a ‘digraph’. 


Check out the following link: 

  • Use your finger to write wh in the air.
  • Use your finger to write wh on someones back.
  • If you have paint at home, paint the letters, try to join them! 
  • When you go outside to play try to write ‘wh’ with chalk or gather some small stones, twigs and sticks / then make the letters. Take some photos!
  • Use your plain whiteboard/grid to practise writing the letters w, h / wh joined. Take a different day to write each one. Monday 'w', Tuesday, 'h', Wednesday 'wh'. Say the letter name and the sound as you write.
  • Find words beginning with ‘wh’ in your picture dictionary.
  • In class we ask lots of questions. Try to think of some questions starting with these words: Where, When, What, Who and Why. Here are some examples - Where do you live? When will be going back to school? What is your name? Who will help me to make some bread? Why can’t I meet my friends?


  • Try to think up your own sentences about the little red hen using the word mat below.

Remember to start each sentence with a capital letter, use finger spaces between each word and finish with a full stop. Read your sentences to an adult. Give yourself a star and put your thumbs up! I’m very impressed with all the pieces of writing that has been sent into school. I am so proud of you! Please continue to send in more.




 This week I’d like you to use your knowledge of sounds and words to complete some different activities. Choose a different day to complete each activity. You do not need to print the pages, just write your words and sentences in your Literacy book. See the links below for the following. Words ending with ‘og’; words ending with ‘at’; words ending with ‘an’; missing sounds / finish the sentences. 


Write the sound you hear?

  • Adult to call out the following sounds and you write them down on your whiteboard or in your Literacy book: s, a, t, p, i, n, c, k, e, h, r, m / d.


Write the word you hear?

  • Adult to call out the following words and you write them down on your whiteboard or in your Literacy book: a, am, at, an, as / all.


Write the sentence you hear?

  • Adult to call out the following sentence and you write it down on your whiteboard or in your Literacy book: I can see my mum.




Well done to all of you who made jam sandwiches last week - they looked delicious! I hope you enjoyed them. 

  • The Little Red Hen made bread. This week ask an adult to help you to read the instructions below to make toast. Maybe an adult could help you to make your own toast (be careful, you'll need an adult to carry out the instructions involving the toaster). After, explain to your family how to make toast. Enjoy!


Click on the links below and choose one to talk about.