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Greetings from Miss Hoy

Sunday 26th April 2020.


Hello to all our parents and guardians and a great big HELLO to you, Primary One! I hope you are still happy, healthy and safe.  

Last week we had another beautiful week of glorious weather. I enjoyed going out for my daily walk. There is so much beauty around us that normally we take for granted during the hustle and bustle of everyday life, so it’s actually good to have the time to really appreciate it all. My power hose arrived, but to be honest I haven’t used it yet. I continued on with my painting but other things took over including my birthday! laugh I had lots of unexpected visitors, phone calls, text messages and lots of FaceTime calls! I especially loved all your cards and messages boys and girls - thank you! heart

I chatted to Miss McElroy as well and she sends her best wishes to you all. 

What about Captain Tom Moore? Number one in the music charts and he’s now raised nearly £29 million pounds!  Continue to clap for NHS on Thursday everyone!yes


Your home learning activities are set out as before, along with some extra web links. Continue to check Week 5 on our WAU section on 'Dinosaurs' and our 'Grow in Love' section for religious activities. I had a wee surprise visitor on Saturday too. I've left a little video clip on our WAU section! 

Remember to get lots of exercise, PLAY and continue to do what you can but I know you’ll do your very best. I will still check in on a daily basis with a little note or reminder on our ‘Daily Hi from Miss Hoy’ section.


Once again boys and girls, please take care and stay safe. Keep sending in your photos! It’s lovely to see how all your skills are developing: self-management skills, cutting, painting / drawing skills, number skills, writing skills, cycling skills and your creative skills are amazing - well done! smiley I've added another wee certificate below for you and another link for your mums and dads!


P.S. I found my skipping rope and I’ve started to skip again-it REALLY is good fun!laugh


Miss you lots.


God bless.


Miss Hoy x

Issue 1 on 'Happy Easter from Miss Hoy' section. Just in case you missed it. Thank you.