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Daily hello from Miss Hoy

12th April-It’s Easter Sunday boys and girls! Did you have eggs for breakfast this morn?laugh

Today, Christians around the world celebrate Jesus rising from the dead. They send cards, give chocolate eggs and usually go to Church. Unfortunately we cannot go to mass but thanks to modern technology we can watch it via webcams in the comfort and safety of our own homes. If you check out our Grow in Love section you will see some activities related to this. 

All your Easter cards and crafts were amazing! I made a little chick! Did you have an egg hunt?  I used to love this part about Easter. We had a tradition of boiling real eggs in a pan along with a teabag to make them go dark brown. Then when they were cold we decorated them, used them for an egg hunt and last of all we rolled them down a hill! It was great fun!laugh

I hope you all have a lovely day. Remember to say a wee prayer of thanks and don’t eat all your eggs at once! 

God bless. heart

11th April - Good morning boys and girls. It’s Easter Saturday. Your calendar of kindness asks you to pray for peace around the world. Maybe you could light a candle on the Grow in Love website. 

Here’s an example of a prayer. 


Dear God

We pray for peace in our world. 

Guide us and keep us from harm,

so that we can build a world of love and live our lives in peace.



Only one sleep left until you can eat your eggs! Have a good day. Take care. heart

10th April - Hello boys and girls. It's Good Friday today. Your calendar asks you to pray at the Stations of the Cross. This would usually take place at 3pm in the Chapel but today we have to do it at home. Check out our Grow in Love section for some activities. Plus, try to say a wee prayer or light a little battery candle for all your dead friends and relatives today. Have a lovely peaceful day. Take care. heart

9th April - Good morning everyone. You are now on your Easter holidays! Thank you for all your hard work over the past few weeks. You are all stars P1 and I am very proud of each and every one of you, as well as your parents and guardians. smiley

Today is Holy Thursday and your calendar tells you to read about the Last Supper. If you check out our Grow in Love section you will see some activities related to this. 

A way back in the summer of 2012 I went to Milan for a holiday. Milan is in Italy, the country that Ms. St. Clair is from - maybe you could find it on a map. The reason I’m telling you this is, that I went to see a very famous fresco called the ‘Last Supper’. The fresco was painted on the wall of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie’s dining room by a famous artist called Leonardo da Vinci. It was magnificent!yes Maybe some of you or your family have been to Milan to see it. I’ve added a few pictures below, plus a photo of a tapestry that belonged to my granny Millar, which I treasure. The photo of the last supper is actually a copy that was in another part of the building-not the original fresco. At the time, I wasn’t allowed to take photographs of the real one-I don’t know if that rule applies now.

Have another lovely day boys and girls. Stay safe. heart

8th April - Good morning boys and girls. The supermoon was beautiful. Did you look at it? I love looking up at the moon and usually know when there’s going to be a full moon because I generally don’t sleep! laugh Anyhow, it’s Wednesday already and your calendar tells you not to eat your Easter eggs until after Good Friday. I hope you’re not tempted! wink

If we had been in school today we would have had a prayer service, watch Humpty Dumpty fall off his wall, had an egg and spoon race AND an Easter egg hunt. Maybe you could try an egg and spoon race today and have your egg hunt on Sunday! 

Today is also know as Spy Wednesday. Ask an adult to talk to you about this and check out the link on our Grow in Love page. Have a lovely day everyone. heart

Happy birthday Oisín! Enjoy your day. smiley

Happy birthday certificate for Oisín.

Hi from Miss McElroy.

7th April - Good morning everyone! Today your Lent Calendar of Kindness says ‘A smile is infectious. Spread it around.’ smiley

I miss seeing all of your lovely smiley faces in person but I’m delighted to see them in your photos from home. laugh

I’m sending you my own smile today, plus  a painted one! When I went for a walk yesterday I saw some things that made me smile too- check out the little video below. Listen to the birds in the background-beautiful! 

Spread lots of smiles today boys and girls! Have a happy day. wink

PS. Remember to look up into the sky tonight to see the biggest and brightest full moon of the year. It is known as a supermoon. It occurs when the full moon is at its closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit. As the moon gets close to the Earth, it will make it appear bigger and brighter in the night's sky. This full moon is also known in folklore as the 'Pink moon', as it usually coincides with spring flower blossoms. 

Things that made me smile.

Still image for this video

6th April - Good morning boys and girls. Today your calendar tells you to give the people you love a BIG hug. I'm sending you all a big virtual hug today plus I'd like to share this little poem that I came across in one of my files. (I didn't compose it!) 


Sending a hug your way today 

that comes straight from my heart. 

Along with wishes

that your day 

is blessed right from the start. 

Holding you warmly

in my thoughts

and saying a little prayer,

That God will shine

His love on you

and keep you in His care. X


Enjoy your day. heart

5th April - Today is Palm Sunday boys and girls! Usually we get palms at mass but not this year. Instead, why don't you make one at home and put it in your window. I've added a few powerpoints below for you to look at with your family. Have a good day. Stay safe. heart