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Week 8 STAR

Victoria is a fantastic girl. She is an excellent reader and is our current Accelerated Reader champion. She is a brilliant big sister to Amelia and has a really fun sense of humour. Mr Tighe.


Victoria is a very kind girl and a helpful class mate. I love to sit beside her β€οΈ. Rose.


Victoria is a great friend with a fantastic imagination. Orlagh


Victoria is really kind. Morgan


Victoria is really funny. Aoibhin.


‘Victoria is an amazing friend, kind and bubbly I can’t wait to see her again.’ Jessica (see photo below)


"Victoria is a lovely well mannered girl" Evie.

Week 7 STAR

Jessica is such a kind and caring girl. She is a fantastic friend, a talented dancer and can always be counted on to give her best. She is a fantastic role model to us all!  Mr Tighe.


Jessica has a bubbly personality. Oisin.


Jessica is a really good friend who is really kind and caring. Aoibhin.


Jessica is a really nice friend, with a great sense of humour. Orlagh.


Jessica is really kind and smart. Morgan.


Jessica is very kind and whenever she can help she will πŸ˜Š. Rose.


" Jessica is a brilliant singer & we had some great times with the School Choir πŸŽΌ" Evie


"Jessica has been a really good friend all through Primary School, and is great fun!". Éabha (see photo below)


Jessica has lovely hair. Amy


Jessica is very caring and a very good friend to have. Diarmuid.

Week 6 STAR

Evie is kind, caring and fun. She is a great dancer, footballer and above all a super friend. Her positive attitude is an inspiration to us all! Mr Tighe.


Evie is very kind and I love it when we go camping together πŸ˜Š. Rose.


Evie is really kind, she is brilliant at dancing and great at gaelic. Caitlyn.


Evie is a great dancer and is very kind. Orlagh.


Evie is a great friend. Aoibhin.


Evie is a very loyal friend and will always be there for you. Aoife (see photo below)


Evie is very kind, generous and loyal. She will always make sure you are included in games. Emma (see photo below)


Evie is very kind. Holly.


Evie is hilarious and a very good friend to have. Diarmuid.


"Evie is one of my bffs and is extremely caring:)" Ava.

Week 5 STAR

Tiarnan has a great, fun personality. He is a great footballer and regularly demonstrates his kind and caring nature to his classmates. Mr Tighe.


Tiarnan is a great friend and is brilliant at Gaelic:)  Noah


Tiarnan is a great reader and is good at his work. Orlagh.


Tiarnan is really good at football and is really funny. Aoibhin


“Tiarnan is amazing at Gaelic and I miss playing basketball with him” Jacob

Week 4 STAR

Christopher's kind and caring nature really stands out. He has great manners, is a great older brother and is a fantastic footballer. Mr Tighe.


Christopher is really good at football. Noah.


Christopher is really sporty. Nathan.


Christopher is really funny. Aoiobhin.


Christopher is a very good reader and loves football. Orlagh.


“Christopher is great friend. He is very funny and he is kind” Ben

Week 3 STAR

Jacob's kindness and great sense of humour really stands out. He is a great friend, a talented artist and shows great maturity on a regular basis, which is a great example to his classmates. Mr Tighe.


Jacob is a kind and caring friend with a big imagination. Michael.


Jacob is a very good reader and always does his best in class - Orlàgh 


Jacob is brilliant at art. Evie


Jacob is very artistic with creating cartoon characters for his comics. Aoife


Jacob is brilliant at is work and is great at Gaelic. Noah


Jacob is a great friend. Nathan.


He is so funny, and kind I love it when I go to his house after school so we can play basketball. He can make you happy when you are sad. And he help’s you with work when you were not listening.



Jacob is a good footballer. Holly


Jacob is great at drawing and comics. Coleen.


"Jacob is a very kind friend and a good footballer." Eoin (photo below)

Week 2 STAR

Serena's kind and caring nature is evident for everyone to see. She is a fantastic dancer, a brilliant friend and always gives her best to everything she is asked to do. Mr Tighe.


Serena is a beautiful class mate and very kind. Orlagh.


Serena is very kind 😊 Holly


Serena is brilliant at gaelic & a great team player ⚽️- Evie (see picture below)


Serena is always smiling. Caitlyn


Serena is very kind, loving and helpful 😊. Rose.


 Serena is a lovely friend I am really happy to hear that she is Star of the Week! Coleen.


Serena is a very kind friend. Chloe


Serena is very helpful to all her classmates. Aoife


Serena is great at football. Ava

Week 1 STAR


Cara- Rois is a great role-model for everyone in our school. She can always be relied upon to give her best and her kind and caring nature shines brightly. She is also great at keeping me organised when I forget to do something or lose things!!

Mr Tighe.


Cara-Rois has been a great friend since play-group. Evie. (see photo below)


Cara-Rois is an amazing dancer. She is funny, kind and my amazing friend.
Love Leah xo (see photo below)


Cara-Rois is very kind and she is a very talented dancer. 😊 Rose.


Cara-Rois is an amazing dancer" Ava


Cara Rois is a kind friend and a really good dancer. Chloe.


Cara-Rois is really kind and helpful. Jessica


Cara-Rois is brilliant at maths and puts lots of effort into her work. Caitlyn


Cara-Rois has a bubbly personality and she is a fantastic friend to have. Diarmuid


Cara Rois is always kind and caring and a brilliant hairdresser x. Orlagh


Cara-Rois is a good friend πŸ˜€ Holly


Cara-Rois is fantastic at hairstyling. Aoife