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Numeracy 7



DAILY – RMeasimaths


MENTAL MATHS – (remember to include 0 in your counting!)

Continue to reinforce skills already learning, i.e. rote counting forwards and backwards; counting forwards and backwards (in ones) from different starting points; adding 1 / adding 0 / adding 2 to numbers within 5, 10 / beyond. Remember to focus on the language ‘and’; ‘altogether makes’; ‘plus’; ‘1 more’; ‘equals’.


Answer these questions on adding 2

  • I have 7 hens and my sister gives me 2 more. How many do I have now?
  • I have 8 bags of flour and then I buy 2 more. How many bags do I have altogether?
  • I have 9  slices of toast and then I make 2 more. How many slices?
  • CHALLENGE - It’s now time to see if you have improved your adding 2 skills! Remember your initial score from two weeks ago? Well today try to beat that score. Ask an adult to click on this game link: Cone Crazy click play and then click on Ice-cream cone number 2. Ask your helper to time you for 2 minutes. Then check your new score against your initial score. Did you make an improvement?


  • Below I’ve added some photos of adding 2. Can you answer them quickly by looking at the patterns?

PRACTICAL – digit cards

    • Continue to reinforce the following practical activities: ordering all of your numbers forwards / backwards and ordering random numbers from smallest to biggest / biggest to smallest.


NUMBER FOCUS - W.A.L.T. Develop our estimation skills.

Estimate means to have a guess. Remember to use the word ‘estimate’ when trying out the following activities. 

  • 1. Estimate how many times you can write your name in 30 seconds. Have a sensible guess and write it down. Then an adult can time you writing your name for 30 seconds. When your time is up, count carefully how many times you have written your name and record the actual amount. 
  • 2. Estimate how many star jumps you can do in 30 seconds. Remember to record your estimate and then write your actual total. 


Continue to use your Pupil Support Book to revise the names of 2D and 3D shapes / continue to look for them in your home. 

  • 2D Shape - Revise the names and properties of 2D shapes by clicking on the link below.
  • 3D Shape - Look at the photo of the 3D shapes below. I sorted them into sets. Can you names each of the sets of 3D shapes? Count how many shapes are in each set? Try to find more 3D shapes in your home this week. 


  • Revision - Look at the photos of o’clock times. How quickly can you say each time?


  • Throughout your daily routines think about the language you use when drawing, measuring, baking, playing with sand / water, building with construction toys, using plasticine, to name a few. When do you use the following language?  Long, short, longer, shorter, heavy, light, heavier, lighter, full, empty, half full, holds more, holds less?


  • Check out extra links below - related to ‘The Little Red Hen‘. Thanks.