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Welcome to our homework activity page



For your Literacy homework this week you will be using your persuasive writing skills to win an argument or a debate. The topic you will be writing about is "Children under 11 years old should be banned from the internet"

The girls in the class are tasked with writing a persuasive piece to support this and the boys are tasked with writing a persuasive piece disagreeing. Remember to use persuasive strategies we have been focussing on such as;

  • powerful adjectives
  • rhetorical questions
  • emotive language


For your Numeracy work you will be challenged to use your knowledge of factors, multiples, prime numbers and square numbers to complete a range of tasks.


For your Learning homework you have spellings, tables and mental maths to practice which you will be tested on, on Friday.





I have also added a link to the "Hit the button" times table game below. If you are finding that your times tables knowledge is a little rusty, do a little extra practice on this fun game.


Good luck and enjoy!!