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Mr Tighe and Mrs McMeekin's project

Lesson 1

Get to know your tree!


For our first lesson we had to use our Numeracy skills to find the height and age of a tree. 


To find the height of the tree we stood beside it and moved away until we could see the top of the tree by looking between our legs. Then we marked this spot and measured the distance we had travelled from the tree. This was the tree's height.


To find the age of the tree we measured the distance around the tree's trunk and divided by 2.5.  This gave us the trees approximate age. 


Have a look at our work!

Lesson 2

Find symmetry in nature

For our second lesson we focused on symmetry. 


First we looked for symmetry in nature outdoors.  Then we used natural materials to make a symmetrical pattern. 

Lesson 3

Tree Identification Lesson

We explored a short video based upon trees and their leaves.  Then we searched for trees in the school grounds.  We were able to identify some of these using our leaf/tree identification sheets.  After all our research we created our own charts to help the children in our school identify a range of trees.

Lesson 4

Land Art

We explored the work of Andy Goldsworthy.  Then in pairs we created our own pieces of art work using natural materials. Our work was then photographed.

Mr Tighe's Class

Our visits to Gilford P.S.


We have been lucky enough to have two visits to Gilford Primary School in recent weeks.  We have participated in art activities, scavenger hunts, games and much more.  We look forward to our next outing with our friends!