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Daily Hi from Miss Hoy

3rd May - Good morning boys and girls. Today is the fourth Sunday of Easter and it is also World Day of Prayer for Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious life.  Everyone has a vocation. Whatever God is calling you to do with your life is your vocation. You might get married or become a nun or priest or a doctor or nurse or a teacher or writer or whatever God wants you to do. When I was only four years old I wanted to be a teacher, that was my call. What do you think your vocation will be? Today I’d like you to say a wee prayer of thanks for Canon Powell, Fr McConville and Sr. Bernadette. 

P.S. It’s World Laughter Day too! Make some laugh today! laugh

Have a lovely relaxing day everyone. heart

2nd May - Good morning boys and girls.  Happy Saturday everyone! Time to relax again. I’ve enjoyed my walks, especially my walk in the rain- it was so refreshing! I focussed on taking photos of trees this week. Have a look below. Do you know any of their names? 

Have a great day! heart

1st May - Good morning boys and girls, can you believe that it’s the first day of May! Today is the feast of Saint Joseph the Worker. St. Joseph was Jesus’ daddy on Earth. He was a carpenter.  Every morning in school we said our prayer to Saint Joseph and asked him to help us to be good workers. Your photographs are showing me that you are continuing to be good workers at home. I am soooo impressed!yes           
May is the month of Mary as well. Mary is Jesus’ mummy. I’m going to make a May altar - maybe you could make one too. 

Today is also the first Friday of the month when we usually have mass in school. A big thank you to Canon Powell for celebrating all our masses with us - I hope he is safe and well. 


P.S. Did I see one of my pupils from a distance last night when we were outside clapping for the NHS? I think I did! Good to see you! smiley

Have a great day everyone. Loving your dances. Hope to see more. heart


30th April - Good morning boys and girls. How’s your dance coming on?laugh

There are lots of things being celebrated today. One of them is NATIONAL HAIRSTYLIST APPRECIATION DAY. All hairdressing salons are closed, so your mums and dads are your hairstylists at the minute-make sure to thank them! I’m going to send my hairdresser a little message later to say thanks too. 

P.S. Captain Tom, now Colonel Tom! is 100 years old today and he’s now raised nearly £30 million pounds for the NHS. Remember to clap at 8pm! 

Have a good day everyone. heart

29th April - Good morning boys and girls. It’s International Dance Day today! I miss our Go Noodle and Healthy Kidz dances and watching all you budding Irish dancers and ballet dancers. How are your skills now? smiley

I’m sure all you dancers out there miss your after schools dance class too.

I’ve a wee challenge for you all, which I’d really love you to do. Take time out from your home learning and film a 30 second clip of you performing your favourite dance moves from your homes/gardens. Be as silly or as serious as you like! You can wear costumes or use props if you wish, but they’re not essential. Send your clips into school and I’ll put them together to make a little video. It’s a great way to stay connected. Have fun!heart


PS. It’s the feast of St. Catherine of Siena. If you know anyone called Catherine, Caitlin, Kathleen, Kate, Katie or Catie, maybe you could say a wee prayer for them. smiley

28th April - Good morning boys and girls. Today is NATIONAL SUPERHERO DAY!

Each year on April 28th, National Superhero Day honours superheroes, both real and fictional. Batman, Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Hulk, and Spiderman are just some of the superheroes whose names we recognize. Our real-life superheroes may not have superpowers or wear capes, but they are great role models. We are continually showing our support and appreciation for all our NHS superheroes / key workers and for everything that they’re doing during these unprecedented times. YOU are our future superheroes P1, but for today I’d like you to think about someone in your life who you consider to be a hero. What do you admire about them? Maybe you could draw a picture or simply say a little prayer of thanks. 

Ps. Remember to check out our Junior Newsdesk section to read more about superheroes! Have a good day everyone. Stay safe. heart

27th April - Good morning boys and girls. Tell a Story Day is celebrated in different parts of the world today. It celebrates story-telling of all kinds. It doesn't matter if it’s fiction or non-fiction, a tall tale, or folk lore. Stories can be from a book, other written material, or from memory. I’ve enjoyed reading the P3-P7 stories that  are shared on our website and on Newsdesk. They are fantastic! yes I miss reading stories to you but most of all I miss listening to all your stories about your adventures plus the stories some of you made up using Miss McElroy’s story stones. Why don’t you and your family tell each other some stories today. Maybe you could record yourself telling a story! Enjoy! heart

26th April- Good morning boys and girls. It’s Sunday! You have worked hard all week so it’s time to put your feet up and relax, especially your mums and dads! There are lots of relaxation techniques about. What do you do as a family to relax? I miss our Relax Kids sessions every morning! Have a relaxing day everyone! Enjoy. heart