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Miss Hoy's Dolly Mixtures

Welcome to our page. We hope you enjoy looking at our photos and video clips as much as we do!

Please click on our December and January yellow stars to see more! Thank you.


Please remember to bring in a raincoat and wellington boots that you can keep in school.

We will be using these during our outdoor Activity-based learning.  Thank you.  




In January we are learning to:

· recount our own experiences

· use non-chronological reports during talking / listening and shared writing tasks

· use basic connectives e.g. ‘because’ orally and in shared writing tasks

· recite rhymes and poems identifying and suggesting rhyming words

· listen to and follow instructions

· take turns in conversations and discussions

· use pictures to tell a story

· demonstrate reading behaviour when handling books

· understand and use correctly terms about books

· distinguish between writing and drawing in books and in our own work

· use a comfortable and efficient pencil grip

· demonstrate fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and spatial awareness

· recognise and write the sounds ‘k’ ‘e’ ‘h’ / ‘r’

· segment and blend syllables in words (tapping, clapping, sorting)

· blend sounds orally to make simple CVC words

· read, write and spell simple CVC words and use these words to write sentences using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops

· read and spell familiar / high frequency words in a variety of contexts.



In January we are learning to:

· count orally during number rhymes, jingles and stories

· recite the days of the week

· count forwards from 0, within 10, 20, 30 and beyond

· count forwards from different starting points, within 10 and beyond

· count backwards from 5, 10, 20, 30 and beyond

· count backwards from different starting points within 5, 10, 20, 30 and beyond

· count in 2’s forwards from 0

· add 1 to different numbers within 10, 20 and beyond

· recognise, read and write numbers

· touch count sets of objects within 10, 20 and beyond

· match sets to numerals

· make sets within 10, 20 and beyond

· understand one to one correspondence by matching

· recognise and name a rectangle, a pentagon, a cube / a cuboid.

· recognise o'clock and half past times in analogue and digital times

· use money in the context of play especially 1p, 2p and £1. coins

· understand and use the language associated with length

· sort, without direction, random collections of materials in a range of ways, talk about the sorting.

· help to create / complete a graph

· read information from a graph.


Our Problem Solving focus for January is‘Guess, Check and Improve’



Our topic for January / February is:‘Bears’.



Our January word of the month is‘Forgiveness’.




In January we are learning to:

· Work with a focus, ask and respond to questions to clarify the task

· Select with help, information from materials and resources provided and suggest ways to obtain information

· Follow directions in relation to a task

· Begin to plan

· Identify simple methods to record information


Merry Christmas everyone!

Still image for this video

W.A.L.T. Recognise items which are heavy or light


Maths Week 2021

We used the bowling game to practise our counting and addition skills! 

We went shopping as spooky characters in the 'Potion Shop'!  We created our shopping lists then used 1p and 2p coins to buy items for our potions.

We like to work outside for Numeracy too!  We played counting games and hunted for shapes.  We made shapes with natural materials. 

We are learning to play lots of numeracy games!

We are learning to tell our left from our right!

As part of our homework we looked for treasures from nature. We had so much fun exploring these!

If I go for a walk, what will mother nature leave for me?

If I go to the beach, what treasures will the sea wash ashore for me?

If I go to the woods, what will the winds blow in?

What will the fairies sprinkle or the giants drop?

I’ll POP them into my bag!

We are working on our letter formation!

We are artists! Look at our self portraits!

W.A.L.T. Count sets of objects

W.A.L.T. Create pictures of ourselves with natural materials

W.A.L.T. Sequence numbers

We have had lots of fun during our first week!

Primary One's first day of school!