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Miss Hoy's Dolly Mixtures

W.A.L.T. Create pictures of ourselves with natural materials

W.A.L.T. Sequence numbers



This month we are learning to:

  • Identify the cover, spine, title and blurb when reading books
  • Recall what an author and illustrator are
  • Recite the alphabet and nursery rhymes
  • Recall High Frequency Words (HFW)
  • Recount orally and in writing, activities we do and stories we read



This month we are learning to:

  • Count forwards within 10/20/50/100
  • Recognise, read and write numbers within 10/20
  • Recite the days of the week


World Around Us

This month we are beginning our topic ‘New Beginnings.’



This month we are learning about ‘friendship’ as well as focusing on our likes/dislikes. 


We are going to spend lots of time getting to know each other. 


Thinking skills and personal capabilities

This month we are working on our self-management skills.  We are learning to:

  • Talk about what we are doing and what we have learned
  • Focus and persist with tasks
  • Talk about our likes and dislikes
  • Make choices and decisions
  • Ask for help from a friend, my teacher or teaching assistant

We have had lots of fun during our first week!

Primary One's first day of school!