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Monday 25th January

Good morning everyone.

I hope you have had a nice weekend and I'm sure you had lots of fun in the snow.

I was out early with Caitie, Conor and Calum, and we had a great day of snow balling, sledging and building our snowfamily! I have added our picture below. It would be great if you could send in some more snow pictures to share with the class.

Like I said, at our Assembly on Friday, this week is Catholic Schools Week and I have added an activity booklet for you to complete each day below.

It would also be great if all of you could use your creativity to design a picture or take a photo that represents, HOPE for you.


                Many thanks for all your comments for last week's STAR, Cara-Rois (and some lovely photos!!) and we have made a great start with comments I have already received for this week's STAR, Serena.


I have set out all your work for the week below, but remember only do what you can.

It has been fantastic receiving all the work you have sent to me so far and I look forward to receiving more this week. You can email examples of your work to me at



 I hope that you will be able to keep up your reading and I have set up a new Accelerated Reader competition.    I also hope you can all continue your work on RMeasimaths and Lexia. If anyone needs their passwords for these activities let me know by email and I will send them to you.

You also have plenty of activities to keep you busy in your home packs that were picked up last Friday.



If there is anything at all that you are finding difficult or are unsure about you can contact me at


Be good and stay safe.

Mr Tighe.


Snow Family

Catholic Schools Week Activities





The first part of your Literacy work involves working with your spellings. You should sort your spellings according to their sound and then practice spelling them each day so that you can spell them all correctly by Friday. I would also like you to use your spelling in sentences to show your understanding, while also showing your knowledge of connectives.


This is the next part of your Literacy work. I have added a power-point below to help you understand how connectives are used to join two sentences together, which will make your writing more fluid.

I went outside early this morning. Lots of snow had fallen during the night.

I went outside early this morning because lots of snow had fallen during the night.

I have added a range of worksheets for you to complete and as I have mentioned above it would be great if you could use your spellings to create your own sentences using the connectives you will be working with.


The next part of your Literacy work involves combining our non-chronological report writing genre with our Natural Disasters WAU topic. This week in our World Around Us we will be learning about Earthquakes. After you have finished all your Earthquake work I would like you to use your knowledge to create a non-chronological report on one specific Earthquake or earthquakes in general. Remember the key features of a report;

Title, Sub-headings, introduction and conclusion, short precise sentences, bullet points, pictures and diagrams.

As I mentioned at our Zoom Assembly, it would be great if you were able, to use your ICT skills to produce your report using Microsoft Word or Powerpoint. It would be great then if as many of you as possible could send me your completed reports.


Finally, I have added an Earthquake comprehension as well.


Again, it would be great if you could send in your completed work to me.

(Suggested sub-headings could include, key features, famous earthquakes, where they happen, effects, aftermath)






The first part of your Numeracy work involves completing some mental arithmetic sheets.

I have included the answer sheets as well.


For our number work this week, we are looking at working with money. This involves addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. I have added a range of money questions for different groups. I have also added a money investigation involving budgeting for a film. You have £8000 to spend and you must decide what actors to employ, where to shoot your film and what additional props etc to use. It would be great if you could send me your completed budget when you have completed the task.


We are also looking at composite bar graphs this week and using them illustrate information.

I have included another powerpoint to guide you and a range of worksheets for you both to answer composite bar graph questions and to create your own composite bar graph.







This week we are going to focus on Earthquakes.

Firstly, you should look through both the power-point and the video links I have added below which will give you a clear idea of the key characteristics and the effects of earthquakes

You should then look through and complete the other earthquake activities I have added, which will allow you to demonstrate what you have learned. I have also added a Video tutorial on an earthquake experiment you may be able to carry out at home which you should enjoy. Again it would be great if you could send in some photos or videos of your experiment.

Finally, as I have mentioned earlier, it would be great if you could use your knowledge and then perhaps use some of your own research abilities to create a non-chronological report on what you have learned about earthquakes.

It would be fantastic if you could send them into me so that your work can be shared with your classmates.










Literacy:  This month our writing genre focus will be on writing non-chronological reports. We will be creating reports about ourselves, our school and our heroes before using our WAU topic and creating reports on Natural disasters. We will also be exploring the use of connectives and commas in sentences in order to include clauses as well as working with different types of nouns.


Numeracy:  This month we will be working with percentages, decimals and fractions. We will also be exploring both 2d and 3d shapes as well as looking at reflective symmetry.


WAU:  Our new WAU topic is Natural Disasters. We will be finding out about different disasters, researching famous disasters and carrying out some science experiments to see if we can recreate some natural disasters in our classroom!


PDMU:  Friendship


Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities:  Being Creative


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