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8th-12th February

This week you can revise your spellings and mental maths.

The work below has lots of revision this week as it is half term week.

The only new concept is rounding numbers up and down.

Remember parents, you can do some of the work orally with your child without the need to print off.

Keep sending me a picture or two each week and contact me when you need help. heart


Monday 8th Literacy


Revision of full stops, question marks and exclamation marks.

Discuss Power-Point. Complete sheet.

Can you write 3 sentences - one with an exclamation mark, one with a question mark and one that just needs a full stop?

Monday 8th Numeracy


We are learning about rounding numbers up or down.

Choose a rhyme to learn to help you remember.

Go through and discuss power-point with an adult. They can even give you more numbers.

Complete appropriate worksheet.


Tuesday 9th February




Today is Internet Safety Day.

Listen to the story below and discuss it with an adult.

What choices did Chicken Clickin' make that were wrong? What should she have done?

You could design a poster to warn everybody of being careful using the internet if you wish.

Tuesday 9th February - Numeracy
Wednesday 10th February - Literacy

Wednesday 10th February



Representing numbers on a number-line.

Talk about the number-line. How is it divided up? what does each mark represent? Choose most appropriate sheet/s.  Discuss where and why they would place the given number. 

Thursday 11th February


Thursday 11th February



Revision 2D shape

Interactive carroll diagram shape sorting.

Matching 2D shape - do not have to do last sheet.

Fun sheet if you wish to use it.

Friday 12th February

Literacy - Relax!

Friday 12th February



Reason Logically

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding (PDMU)


Valentine's Work