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Hi everyone! from Miss Hoy

Sunday 5th April 2020.


Hello again to all our parents and guardians and a great big shout out to all my P1 boys and girls!laugh 

I hope you all continue to remain safe and well. My family and I and Miss McElroy and her family are all well too, thank God. Your photos and video clips for the website are fantastic, thank you. It’s lovely to see how busy you have been and especially to see your little faces. We can’t wait to see more!


The weather is beautiful, although it has been quite windy today - I’ve recited the poem ‘Who has seen the wind?’ by Christina G. Rossetti a few times - Can you remember it?

Here are some of the things that I did last week. I watched mass from Knock Shrine daily at noon. I went for a few walks. It was so peaceful, you could have heard a pin drop. It was lovely to look at the trees, the flowers, the animals and really listen to the birds singing. They’re usually blocked out by lots of busy traffic, but not now. More beautiful rainbows are popping up on windows too! I’ve tidied around my house, especially my wardrobes and have sorted stuff for our Cash for Clobber - Miss Byrne is very pleased! I chatted to my neighbour as he cut my grass - I have great neighbours P1, but I’ve told you that before! I’ve been on FaceTime to a few of my friends and made lots of calls to other friends and family too - it’s good to talk! yes On Thursday I went out on the street to Clap For Our Carers. It’s great to see so many people out sharing their appreciation for all the NHS and other key workers. Yesterday, when I went to get my mum a few groceries from our local store, I got a big wave from two pupils and their mum. We drove our cars in to the nearest car park and had a wee chat - it was lovely to see them. One of our P1 boys is their cousin, I’ll give you a clue - his name starts with B! Can you guess who his cousins are?


I’m getting used to my daily routine now and I hope you are too. Please continue to get lots of exercise, carry out fun and creative things with your family, PLAY and continue to do your very best with your school activities, which I have no doubt you will! I’ve made you another little certificate for all your hard work, which you can click on below - I am so proud of you all!


This week is Holy Week, which we would be discussing if we were in school. It is also our revision week. Your activities continue to be set out in different sections and I’ve added some more web links for you to use, Easter activities and even one from Dave from Sustrans who used to visit our school! I will continue to check in on a daily basis with a little note or reminder on our ‘Daily hello from Miss Hoy’ section. Please continue to check our WAU (World Around Us) section regarding our topic work on ‘Dinosaurs’  and our ‘Grow in Love’ section for religious activities regarding Holy Week.

Once again boys and girls, please take care and stay safe. Have a lovely Easter - don’t eat all your eggs at once!wink Miss you lots. 


God bless.


Miss Hoy x