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Welcome Back!

September 2023



We are learning to:

  • Read, write and identify the key features of ‘Recounts’
  • Check for grammatical sense and accuracy by re-reading own writing; identify errors and suggest alternative constructions
  • Identify synonyms and adjectives
  • Identify and spell plurals
  • Identify Verbs/adverbs




We are learning to:

  • Recite our times tables
  • Recognise numbers greater than 1000 less than 99,999
  • Identify angles
  • Recall analogue and digital times/solve problems based on this
  • Measure and calculate perimeter
  • Add using column addition
  • Use division and multiplication to solve word problems
  • Mentally subtract from 20/50/100 (bridging the 10 also)
  • Solve word problems based on the above
  • Solve problems by using the strategy ‘Use a conjecture’


World Around Us

We are learning to:

  • Identify and discuss our senses
  • Recall facts about the eyes/ears etc.
  • Understand the concept of a digital footprint
  • Recall ways to keep ourselves healthy


We are learning to:

  • Define the term ‘friendship’ /kindness
  • Develop our knowledge of internet safety/road safety


Thinking skills and personal capabilities

We are learning to ‘Manage Information’


We are also working on our self-management skills.

Mental Maths Games 

We have been playing lots of dice games to develop our number skills.


PE with Ryan on Wednesday!