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Miss Byrne's Gummy Bears

Welcome to Primary 2/3


Thank you for all your help and support this year, it is very much appreciated.

 I have had a fantastic year with great memories.

Enjoy your holidays!

Miss Byrne 



This month we will:

  • hear, read and spell initial, final and medial letter sounds in words
  • use the correct punctuation in our writing
  • reread our writing to check for mistakes
  • continue our Narrative genre and develop our Poetic skills
  • use adjectives and begin to use alliteration
  • Differentiate between homophones



This month we will:

  • make numbers using tens and units
  • add and subtract
  • pay exact amounts of money and give correct change
  • tell the time
  • solve word problems based on our learning
  • work on our 2,5 & 10 times tables
  • problem solve using the ‘Draw a picture’ skill


Personal Development and Mutual Understanding– Our word of the month will be ‘Diversity’. 


World Around Us/Topic– We will continue our topic of ‘Minibeasts’. We will consolidate our learning on butterflies, worms, ladybirds and bees-moving on to snails, slugs, spiders and beetles.


Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities–We will revise all skills covered this year.

  • Self-Management
  • Working with others
  • Being Creative
  • Managing Information
  • Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making

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