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Welcome to Primary 2/3




This month we will:

  • Read and spell commonly used High Frequency Words (HFW)
  • Spell CVC words and multi-syllable words
  • Identify and suggest rhyming words
  • Write sentences with full stops, capital letters and question marks
  • Read and write non-chronological reports



This month we will:

  • Recognise, read and write numbers
  • Order numbers
  • Add and Subtract
  • Name and draw 2D shapes
  • Count quantities of money
  • Read and write analogue and digital times
  • Solve word problems based on our learning
  • Solve problems based on the strategy ' Guess, Check and Improve’ 


Personal Development and Mutual Understanding– We will be focusing on ‘Forgiveness’. 


World Around Us/Topic–Our new topic will be ‘People Who Help Us’. We will begin by focusing on the Emergency Services. We will look at the role, uniform and rules of Paramedics, Firefighters and Police Officers.


Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities–We will be focusing on our ‘Managing Information’ skills.

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