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St Colman's Bann Primary School

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Primary 3/4 Flying Saucers

Leaf Area - We collected leaves. Using cubes we got to investigate the area. After, we got to choose an item of our own.

Problem Solving - Act it out. We used the sunflowers to help us discuss shortest to tallest. We had to order them. Then in groups we had to put ourselves in order.

All Around Our School - We went for a walk to discover all the natural and man-made things our school has. Look at all the things we discovered.



Welcome to Primary3/4. We hope you enjoy visiting our page.


This half term we are focussing on:-


Literacy -

  • understanding what we read
  • word recognition, sentence structure, paragraphs, fluency and expression
  • being able to write a recount -
  • does it:-
  • have a who, what, where, when, why element,
  • have a beginning, middle, end
  • include paragraphs,
    Is it:-
  • written in the past tense,
  • written in chronological order


Numeracy -

  • the importance of place value
  • ordering, sequencing numbers
  • addition/subtraction within 20 and beyond
  • 2D Shape, symmetry
  • Problem Solving - Use equipment/Act it Out
  • weight
  • area


WAU - All Around Me

  • materials - natural, man-made
  • nature
  • weather
  • connecting our learning



Internet Safety, Anti-Bullying, Friendship, Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities