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Primary 1 Dolly Mixtures

Welcome to our page. We hope you enjoy looking at our photos and video clips as much as we do! Please click on Term 1 and Term 2 yellow stars to see more! Thank you.

Please bring in a raincoat and Wellington boots that you can keep in school. We will be using these during our outdoor Activity-based learning.  Thank you.  


Our focus is ‘Managing Information’.



Our topic for March / April is: ‘The Arctic’.



Our March word of the month is ‘Trust’.




In March we are learning to:

  • recount our own experiences

  • recite rhymes and poems

  • listen to and follow instructions

  • take turns in conversations and discussions

  • recognise the difference between print and pictures

  • use pictures to tell a story

  • demonstrate reading behaviour when handling books

  • understand and use correctly terms about books

  • distinguish between writing and drawing in books and in our own work

  • use a comfortable and efficient pencil grip

  • demonstrate fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and spatial awareness

  • recognise and write the sounds ‘ai’ ‘j’ ‘oa’ 'ie' 'ee' 'or' 'z' / 'w'

  • blend these sounds orally to make simple CVC words

  • make simple CVC words using paper squares

  • Read simple high frequency words

  • Continue to use 'Inference' during reading tasks.

  • Help the teacher to write 'explanations'.





In March we are learning to:

  • Count orally during number rhymes, jingles and stories

  • Recite the days of the week

  • Count forwards from 1, within 10 and beyond

  • Find missing numbers within a sequence of numbers (ascending and descending)

  • Order sets of numbers from smallest to biggest / biggest to smallest

  • recognise, read and write numbers within 10

  • touch count sets of objects within 10

  • match sets to numerals

  • make sets within 10

  • understand one to one correspondence by matching

  • recognise and name an octagon

  • devise our own repeating patterns

  • use money including £1. coins in the context of play

  • understand and use the language associated with size

  • sort, without direction, random collections of materials in a range of ways, talk about the sorting.

  • help to create / complete a graph

  • read information from a graph.


Our Problem Solving focus for March is ‘Make a list or table'.

We will continue to focus on TIME. o'clock and half past on analogue / digital clocks.



Effective questioning within Numeracy


Please find below questions which you could use to assist your child during the mathematical aspect of their homework. They will help to develop mathematical vocabulary and your child’s ability to explain their thinking.


Ask children who are getting started with a piece of work:

  • How are you going to tackle this?

  • What do you need to do?

  • Will you do it mentally, with pencil and paper, using a number line? Why?

  • What equipment will you need?

  • Can you estimate or predict?


Make positive interventions to check progress while children are working, by asking:

  • Can you explain what you have done so far?

  • Why did you decide to use this method or do it this way?

  • Can you think of another method that might have worked?

  • Could there be a quicker way of doing this?

  • Are you beginning to see a pattern?

  • Do you think that this would work with other numbers?


Ask children who are stuck:

  • Can you talk me through what you have done so far?

  • Could you try it using a number line…?



As your child is finishing their work:

  • How did you get your answer?

  • Can you describe your method/pattern/rule to us all?

  • Can you explain why it works?

  • What could you try next?

  • Would it work with different numbers?

  • What if you had started with… rather than…?

  • Is it a reasonable answer/result? What makes you say so?

  • How did you check it?

  • What have you learned or found out today?

  • If you were doing it again, what would you do differently?

  • Having done this, when could you use this method/information/idea again?

  • Did you use any new words today?

  • What do they mean?

  • What are the key points or ideas that you need to remember for the next time?

World Down Syndrome Day!

Still image for this video

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Still image for this video

International Polar Bear Day - Wednesday 27th February 2019. Check out Term 2 yellow star for more information.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Still image for this video

We have been 'tinkering' with the iMotion app to make our own movies about Snowmen.

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Winter is here!

Last few days of term!

Christmas Dinner!

I am the youngest child in P1. I got to put the star on the tree!

Sarah and Colleen from the USPCA talked to us about protecting animals.

Check out our Assembly Performance in the Parents Section - thank you!

Anti-Bullying Week - Odd Socks Day!

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Happy Halloween from P1!

Happy Halloween from P1! 1

Carving a pumpkin! Click on Term 1 yellow star to see more photos. Thanks.

Carving a pumpkin! Click on Term 1 yellow star to see more photos. Thanks. 1

MATHS WEEK - Click on Term 1 yellow star to see how busy we have been! Thanks.

MATHS WEEK - Click on Term 1 yellow star to see how busy we have been! Thanks. 1

Tuesday 16th October - Great excitement in our class today - we have 3 butterflies!

Friday 5th October - Chrysalids galore!

Friday 5th October - Chrysalids galore! 1

Monday 1st October - Our caterpillars are now two weeks old and one has already formed his chrysalis!

Our caterpillars are one week old!

Our caterpillars are one week old! 1

Storm 'Ali'! - Click on Term 1 yellow star to see more photos!

Storm 'Ali'! - Click on Term 1 yellow star to see more photos! 1

Our first day in Primary 1.

We met our teacher and teaching assistants. We made new friends and were delighted to see our old friends too! We had a tour of the school and said 'hello' to our brothers, sisters, cousins, older friends and staff. We learned new classroom rules and routines, enjoyed our healthy break and we played inside and out! What a busy day!

Picture 1

Please click on the video below to see our very busy first day at school! Thank you.

P1 New September 3, 2018.mp4

Still image for this video