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Primary 1 Dolly Mixtures


In February we are learning to:

  • recognise and write the sounds / letters for o, u, l and f.

  • use our sounds to build simple CVC words

  • understand that a capital letter comes at the start of a sentence

  • understand that a full stop comes at the end of a sentence

  • read high frequency words on sight

  • make and write simple sentences

  • use inference during reading tasks.



In February we are learning to: 

  • recognise, read and write numbers within 7

  • touch count sets of objects within 7

  • match sets to numerals

  • make sets within 7

  • add 1 to numbers within 5 / 10

  • recognise £1. coins and use them in shopping activities

  • identify missing numbers within a sequence of numbers

  • help to create / complete a graph

  • read information from a graph.


Our 6 week focus is on recognising and using 1p coins in shopping activities. We completed a baseline assessment using the Toy Shop game on We can now use this game at home to try to better our scores.


World Around Us 

In February we are learning to:

  • develop a knowledge and understanding of the weather in Winter and how it affects some plants and animals i.e. migration and hibernation.

  • develop a knowledge and understanding of the Arctic and the animals and people that live there.

  • develop an awareness of the challenges polar bears and other animals face in a changing Arctic and the part we can play in stopping global warming.




In February we are learning to:

  • log in to the computer using our username and password.



Happy Valentine's Day!

We dressed up as our heroes!

Planning and making a den for Paul the polar bear

ACTIVITY BASED LEARNING! When we play we are learning to share, take turns, co-operate, make decisions, take risks, problem solve, ask questions and explore new experiences. We are busy bees!

Sr Mercedes

Hallowe'en Celebrations!