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St Colman's Bann Primary School

Jesus Others Yourself

Primary 2/3 Gummy Bears

Look at us!

We are using pastels to draw construction vehicles



This month we are learning to:

  • Revise letter names and sounds for p, q, r and s.

  • Read and spell High Frequency words.

  • Identify settings, characters and plots within fictional stories.

  • Explore dictionaries, contents pages and glossaries.

  • Read noting punctuation marks.


This month we are learning to:

  • Count forwards and backwards in odd and even numbers.

  • Solve number problems based on addition and subtraction.

  • Recognise 3D shapes.

  • Pay out exact quantities of money within 20p/50p.

  • Give change from 10p /50p.


World Around Us

This month we are learning to:

  • Identify common garden birds and discuss what we can do to protect our environment in association with ‘The Big Garden Bird Watch’.

  • Identify buildings in our local area.

  • Explore the function of buildings in our local area.

  • Develop an understanding of the jobs associated with construction and building.

We can design and construct buildings

We are using games to practise our taking away skills

We are learning about the 'Architect' in the role play corner

We are learning to use pastels