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Primary 4/5/6 Starbursts

Week Beginning Monday 18th January


Every family has different circumstances so please just do what you can. Remember the work on the website is only a guide, please don't feel pressured to complete everything. Accelerated Reading, Lexia and RMeasimaths can continue to be used. 


Don’t forget to send in some pictures of your work or if you have any questions/queries you can get in touch with me by emailing


 Miss Byrne.



Weekly Overview:

Spellings and Mental Maths:

Please continue to practise your spelling and mental math targets every day. It is great to see boys and girls completing their check-ups on Fridays as normal.


This week I have attached a range of work covering Length, you will be asked to estimate, measure and convert. Children will need a ruler.It is important to understand the basics:


10 millimetres (mm)= 1 centimetre (cm)

100 centimetres (cm) =1 metre (m)

1000 metres (m) =1 kilometre (km)


I have also attached daily problem solving tasks, have a go.


This week I would like you to take a book of your choice which is fiction (storybook) and complete the activities:

  • Monday- Choose a character or two from your book. Draw them and write a description of them. What do you know about them, looks? Personality? Likes/dislikes?
  • Tuesday- How many verbs can you find? Make a list, remember a verb is an action word for e.g ran, swam, walked, rushed.
  • Wednesday- How many nouns can you find? Make a list, remember a noun is a person, place or thing for e.g Harry, Hedwig, broomstick etc.
  • Thursday- Write a paragraph about your favourite part of the book, explain why it is your favourite.
  • Friday- Write a short letter to the author, explain what you liked/disliked, have you any ideas to share with the author? Maybe some sequel ideas?


Writing & World Around Us (Topic work):

This week I would like you get creative! (Sorry Parents!) You can choose a bird, bug or beast from the list below and create a non-chronological report on it. Once you have researched it and written your report. I would love you to make/design your creature. This can be drawn, painted or made. Think about the resources you have at home already that you could use to create your masterpiece. If possible, send me a picture to display on our website! We could even talk about your choice during our zoom assembly on Friday.


  • Butterfly
  • Wasp
  • Ladybird
  • Spider
  • Crane-fly
  • Snail
  • Owl
  • Buzzard
  • Flamingo
  • Red Kite
  • Eagle

I have also included daily tasks which cover spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding:

Lots of people have favourite characters from books or TV shows, even favourite celebrities because they set a good example with how they behave and inspire others to do the same. This is called a role model.

A role model doesn’t need to be somebody that looks like you. It can be somebody who has a job you’d love to have, or skill you’d love to learn. They may even just have great personality traits that you admire.

Discuss the ‘where do you find your role models?’ sheet with adult and complete.  Then move on to the Star Quality work, the ‘Collection Collage’ on the second page is optional.




 Literacy:  This month our genre focus will be on Non-Chronological Reports. We will be writing reports to document and organise information.


We will be working to ensure our reports include:

  • A Title/Heading
  • Subheadings
  • Pictures
  • Diagrams
  • Labels
  • Captions
  • Facts not opinions
  • Technical vocabulary
  • Organised into paragraphs
  • Varied sentence openers


Numeracy:  This month we will be revising column addition, subtraction and multiplication. We will be exploring the relationship between 2D and 3D shapes. We will reflect a shape or design using lines of symmetry (horizontal, vertical and diagonal). We will sort, name, recognise and describe 3D shapes, using number of faces, number and length of edges, number of vertices.


Our problem solving strategy will be, ‘Make a list or table’.


WAU:  Our new topic will be ‘Birds, Bugs and Beasts’. 


PDMU:  Our PDMU word of the month is ‘Forgiveness’. It is important to teach Children to forgive and to be forgiven, to move on from past things, to have a healthier mindset.


Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities:  Our TS&PC focus will be ‘Being Creative’.

A Christmas Message to our Buddies

Christmas Dinner Day!

Movers of the Week, again!

Movers of the Week!

The theme for Anti-Bullying Week 2020: United Against Bullying. Children wore odd socks to school to highlight that we are all unique!

Ditch the Dark

Designing Maths Games

Eco-Council Elections


Today our elections took place in class. Well done to the boys and girls who put themselves forward for the role. They have some fantastic ideas to make our school a more ecofriendly place.

The votes have been counted and the new representatives for our class are very excited! I can’t wait to have our first meeting and make an action plan.


Student Council Elections


Today our elections took place in class. Very well done to the boys and girls who put themselves forward for the role; Caelan, Marianne, Maya, Emily, Aaron, Nathan, Aidan, Riley, Thomas, Sarah-Ann, Ryan and Clodagh. The Children stood up in front of the whole class and gave a speech which explained the qualities they possess which make them great representatives. They have some fantastic ideas which would make our school an even better place to learn.

The votes have been counted and the new representatives for our class are just delighted!


Primary 6 Children have a message for their new P1 Buddy!



This week as part of our PDMU lessons we have been reflecting on how life has changed for us all since the start of Covid-19. We have paid particular attention to:


P4/5/6 decided that the most important life lessons are:


  1. Family is the most important thing in the World
  2. Your health is your wealth
  3. It is important to be patient
  4. We have lots to be grateful for!

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